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Paperback 176 pp.
colour illustrations, 129 mm x 198 mm



Publication date:
October 2015

Imprint: Oxford University Press

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Nelly and the Quest for Captain Peabody

Roland Chambers

One girl. One turtle. One epic voyage! If you like Pippi Longstocking, you'll love Nelly Peabody.

When Nelly says she's going to do a thing, she does it, whatever it is.

Learn to juggle china cups? Of course!

Live on lemons for a month? Why not?

Set out in a boat with knitted sails to find her long-lost father, with only her turtle Columbus for company? Absolutely!

And she won't let anything get in her way . . .

Readership : 7-9. If you like Pippi Longstocking, you'll love Nelly Peabody.

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Roland Chambers has had some adventures of his own. He's been a pig farmer, a film maker, a journalist, a pastry chef, a cartoonist, a teacher, a private detective and an author. He's also lived in a few different countries, including Scotland, Australia, Poland, America and Russia. Now he lives with a professor next to a cake shop in London. He owns two cats, two children and two guinea pigs.

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Special Features

  • Fantastic writing from a new children's author.
  • Innovative design, with beautiful two colour illustrations by Ella Okstad.
  • Really strong central character matched with an incredibly detailed world.
  • An original, quirky adventure story, packed with eccentric characters.
  • Roland is currently working with the charity First Story (http://www.firststory.co.uk/) as a writer-in-residence at Pimlico Academy.