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Paperback 122 pp.
Approximately 5 b/w photos/illustrations, 7.5" x 10.5"



Publication date:
August 2012

Imprint: OUP Canada

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Canadian Grammar Spectrum 7

Reference and Practice

George Yule

Canadian Grammar Spectrum is a series of grammar reference and practice books for ESL students. The books are set up in two-page spreads: a brief grammar explanation followed by exercises. The books are suitable as in-class resources, homework tools, or self-study aids.

Readership : Advanced-level ESL students needing grammar instruction or practice.

Sentence structure
Subjects and verbs
Verbs and objects
Verbs with indirect objects and clauses
Present and Present Perfect
Past and Past Perfect
Modal verbs
Ability and Permission
The passive
The passive
Passive verbs
Uses of the passive
Articles and nouns
Articles and nouns
Articles: a/an or the
A/an or one, a/an or no article, the or no article
Nouns: countable and uncountable, generic, pair, etc.
Determiners and quantifiers
Some and any, no and none
Many, much, and a lot (of), more and most
Demonstrative and indefinite pronouns
Adjectives and adverbs
Position and punctuation of adjectives
Prepositions and prepositional phrases
Prepositions of time
Prepositions of place
Infinitives and gerunds
Infinitives and gerunds
Verbs with infinitives and gerunds
Reported Speech
Indirect speech
Reporting verbs
Noun clauses
That-clauses and wh-clauses
Noun clauses as subjects and objects
Nouns with noun clauses
Relative clauses
Relative clauses and relative pronouns
Defining and non-defining relative clauses
Conditionals, real conditionals
Unreal conditionals
The uses of conditionals
Adverbial clauses
Adverbial clauses and conjunctions
Time clauses
Manner and reason clauses
Connectors and focus structures
Connectors and focus structures
Connectors, prepositions, and conjunctions

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George Yule has worked as an English teacher in Britain, Canada, Jamaica, and Saudi Arabia. He has also taught Applied Linguistics in the Universities of Edinburgh, Hawaii, Louisiana State, and Minnesota.

Special Features

  • Based on the successful Oxford Practice Grammar, the content in the Canadian Grammar Spectrum series has been classroom-tested for years
  • Reference/practice pattern teaches grammar in a concise, easy-to-understand format
  • Canadianization makes the series more relevant to students studying in Canada: grammar points are introduced and practised using Canadian context and terms