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Inside Canadian Politics

Alex Marland and Jared J. Wesley

This contemporary and accessible introduction to Canadian politics provides a modern perspective on the institutions and issues at the heart of our political system. Promising an "insider's" take on the discipline, the text provides in-depth coverage of essential topics-from federalism, regionalism, and diversity to the party system, activism, and elections-while inviting students to debate and discuss the strengths and shortcomings of Canada's political institutions.

Readership : Suitable as a core text for introductory courses in Canadian politics.


  • "This book provides both depth and breadth for an introductory course in Canadian politics. It has a fresh, modern feel to it, with a straightforward and accessible writing style, a spirited way of challenging the reader, and an excellent use of a wide variety of new materials that will capture and hold the attention of a savvy undergraduate audience."
    --Antonia Maioni, McGill University

  • "A real strength is the fact that the discussion doesn't get lost in demographic detail, or historical detail; the coverage is precise but succinct, and the focus is on more recent politics and developments."
    --Peter McCormick, University of Lethbridge

Figures and Tables
Introducing Inside Canadian Politics
1. Introduction to Canadian Politics
PART I Government and Governance
2. The Constitution
3. Federalism in Canada
4. Regionalism in Canada
5. The Executive
6. The Legislature
7. The Justice System
8. Public Policy and Public Administration
Part II Politics and Politicking
9. Political Parties
10. Democracy and Elections
11. Political Communication
12. Political Activism
13. Diversity and Representation
14. Canada's Place in the World
Appendix: Canadian First Ministers

Instructor's Manual
For each chapter:
- Chapter summary
- Suggested lecture outline
- Discussion topics
- Exam questions
PowerPoint Slides
For each chapter:
- 30-40 presentation slides
Student Study Guide
- Study questions
- Self-testing quizzes
- Glossary
- Annotated website links
- Further resources
- RSS feeds from major news outlets
Test Generator
For each chapter:
- 50-60 multiple choice questions with answers and page references
- 20-25 true-or-false questions with answers and page references
- 10-15 short answer questions with answers and page references
- 3-5 essay questions with key points and page references
Video Guide
For each chapter:
- 8-10 video links with descriptions
- Key topics
- Discussion questions
Flipboard Website
- Flipboard blog about the latest developments in Canadian politics
- Frequently updated by the authors
- Marginal notes in the text direct students to relevant Flipboard content
Ebook (ISBN 9780199001408)

Alex Marland is associate professor of political science and an associate dean at Memorial University of Newfoundland. His teaching and research centre on Canadian politics, government, electioneering, and political marketing. Previously he worked in Ottawa and in St John's in governance, media relations, and opinion research. He is the author of Brand Command: Canadian Politics and Democracy in the Age of Message Control (UBC Press, 2016).

Jared J. Wesley is adjunct professor of political science at the University of Alberta. His research interests include Canadian federalism and provincial politics, with a focus on party politics and elections. In addition to his book Code Politics: Campaigns and Cultures on the Canadian Prairies (UBC Press, 2011), he has contributed to the Canadian Journal of Political Science, the Journal of Canadian Studies, Prairie Forum, and several recent books. He is also the editor of Big Worlds: Politics and Elections in the Canadian Provinces and Territories (UTP, 2016).

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Special Features

  • Comprehensive coverage of the institutions of Canadian politics--including the justice system, the legislature, and political parties-helps students develop a solid understanding of how our government works.
  • Balanced treatment of theory and practical applications prepares students to engage critically with political issues and to begin working toward addressing our country's greatest challenges.
  • Insightful discussion of trending political issues--such as reasonable accommodation, attack ads, and anti-terrorism legislation--helps students understand how politics impact their everyday lives.
  • Contemporary approach to Canada's political history uses history to illuminate recent trends and events, encouraging students to focus on Canada's political system today and where it is headed.
  • Inside Canadian Politics boxes draw students into debates on compelling topics such as Canada's prostitution laws, public confidence in the RCMP, and Canada's role in promoting international human rights.
  • Opportunities Available boxes present real job ads for public-service positions, allowing students to see where the study of Canadian politics may lead them.
  • Vox Pop questions throughout each chapter challenge readers to assess and debate theory in the context of current events.
  • Up for Debate sections--found at the end of every chapter--prepare students to debate crucial questions, such as Do first ministers have too much power? Is negative political advertising bad for democracy? and Are affirmative action programs needed in the public service?
  • They Said It boxes give readers insight into what political actors have said, written, and tweeted about important moments in Canada's political history.