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Publication date:
November 2013

Imprint: OUP Canada

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The Tempest

William Shakespeare
Series General Editor and Introduction by Daniel Fischlin and Preface by Daniel David Moses

Series : Shakespeare Made in Canada

Canadians have enjoyed a long history of encounters with Shakespeare, from the visual arts to creative new adaptations, from traditional and nontraditional interpretations to distinguished critical scholarship. We have in over two centuries remade Shakespeare in ways that are distinctly Canadian. The series offers a unique vantage on these histories of production and encounter with attention to accessibility and presentation. These editions explore how a given country can inform the interpretation and pedagogy associated with individual plays.

Canadians, or more properly British North Americans from both Upper and Lower Canada, have been interacting with Shakespeare since no less than the 1760s in a tradition that is at once rich and robust, indigenous and international. The Canadian Adaptations of Shakespeare project at the University of Guelph has created a multimedia database of hundreds of adaptations, developed from Guelph's world-class theatre archives and a host of independent sources that reflect on a long tradition - from pre-Confederation times and heading vibrantly into the future - of playing Shakespeare in Canada. These are the first editions of the plays of William Shakespeare to place key insights from the world's best scholarship alongside the specific contexts associated with a dynamic Canadian tradition of productions and adaptations. Specially researched images, never printed before, from a range of Canadian productions of Shakespeare will be featured in every play.

In addition to a scholarly edition of the playtext complete with original new annotation, these books will include both short introductions by noted scholars and prefaces by well-known Canadians who have experience with Shakespeare. In addition, each play includes act and scene summaries, dramatis personae, quick reference notes on reading Shakespeare, and recommended reading/resources.

Readership : Undergraduate students in university Shakespeare courses in Canada will love this Canada-specific edition, as well general readers looking for a reader-friendly, accessible playtext with notes and introduction.

Ten Tips for Reading Shakespeare
Daniel David Moses: Preface, A Dainty Dish before the King
Introduction, "Where is Here?": Shakespeare, Canada, and The Tempest
Character Synopses
The Tempest
Oxford Shakespeare Made in Canada Series: Statement on Editorial Principles and Works Cited

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Daniel Fischlin is University Research Chair and Full Professor of English and Theatre Studies at the University of Guelph. His awards include the OCUFA (Ontario Confederation of University Faculty Associations) Distinguished Teaching Award, the University of Guelph Faculty Association (UGFA) Distinguished Professor Award for Teaching, and the University of Guelph College of Arts Teaching Excellence Award. He has also been named among Guelph's most popular professors in Maclean's magazine and has twice (in 2004 and 2006) been awarded the Presidential Distinguished Professor Award for his research.

Romeo and Juliet - William Shakespeare
Series General Editor Daniel Fischlin, Introduction by Jill Levenson and Preface by Sky Gilbert
Shakespeare - Jonathan Bate and Dora Thornton

Special Features

  • The first-ever Shakespeare editions for Canadians. These editions have been produced by internationally recognized Shakespeare experts with a view to considering the specific contexts of the Canadian tradition.
  • Editions created by a team of experts. Developed by scholars, designers, archivists, students, and teachers.
  • Top scholarship. Introductions and original new annotation produced by top international scholars.
  • Preface gives modern new context. Prominent Canadians who have interacted with Shakespeare, like Sky Gilbert and Daniel David Moses, provide fascinating outlooks on unexpected aspects of the plays.
  • Strong design. Clean, modern, and engaging, these new editions are carefully design to be reader-friendly.
  • Reliable new editions of playtexts. Based on the most recent scholarship and years of research.
  • New annotation. New notes help explain words and ideas for Canadian readers.
  • At-a-glance summaries. Short, accessible descriptions of what's coming next provide clear and accessible information about acts, scenes, and characters.
  • Competitively priced. With a view to becoming established in the student market.
  • Canadian critical contexts and production histories. A unique focus on Shakespeare in Canada, past and present.
  • Includes a quick reference of key points for reading Shakespeare. Expert notes on pronunciation, grammar, cadence/music, and other Shakespearean wonders.