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Paperback 248 pp.
9 tech art illustrations, 8.375" x 10.875"



Publication date:
February 2015

Imprint: OUP Canada

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Have Your Say 1

Listening and Speaking Skills and Practice

Irene S. McKay

Series : Have Your Say

Have Your Say 1 Listening and Speaking Skills and Practice is organized into eight theme-based chapters which cover a wide variety of interesting topics. The specific communicative goals in each chapter are achieved through diverse interactive communicative activities that emphasize the interdependence of listening, speaking, and pronunciation skills. Frequent collaboration in pairs and small groups motivates learners and provides them with the means for developing language proficiency and confidence in their ability to communicate.

Readership : ESL students needing to develop college-level English skills in listening, speaking, and pronunciation.

1. GETTING TO KNOW YOU - Introductions and Descriptions
Making introductions
(1A) Meeting People: Introductions
(1B) Describing People: A Conversation
(2) Making a Good First Impression: An Interview
2. ALL IN A DAY'S WORK - Routines, Habits, and Occupations
Describing habits and routines
Checking understanding and asking for clarification
Stating reasons
(1) Routines and Schedules: A Conversation
(2) A Day in the Life: A Special Report
3. EASY COME, EASY GO- Shopping, Money, and Numbers
Giving information about actions in progress
Expressing ability and inability
Expressing ability in the past
Making requests for permission
(1) The Best Way to Shop: A Conversation
(2) The History of Money: A Short Lecture
4. LET ME ENTERTAIN YOU - Leisure Activities, Interests, and Hobbies
Expressing likes and dislikes
Starting and closing conversations
Giving instructions
Making general requests
(1) Famous Celebrities: A Conversation
(2) How to Study For Tests: An Information Session
5. YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT - Food and Experiences
Talking about completed actions
Telling a story about the past
Making excuses and giving explanations
Talking about actions in progress at specific times in the past
(1) Food and Eating Habits in Other Countries: An Interview
(2) Making Excuses: Conversations
6. LET THE GOOD TIMES ROLL - Holidays and Special Celebrations
Expressing future plans and intentions
Talking about seasons and the weather
Making predictions
Stating plans, arrangements, and intentions
Inviting people to do activities
(1) New Year's Celebrations around the World: A Report
(2) "The Gift of a Goat": CBC News Report
7. KEEPING IN SHAPE - Health and Fitness
Asking for and giving advice
Expressing necessity
Making suggestions
Expressing necessity in the past
(1) Siblings: A Conversation
(2) Parasports: CBC News Report
Talking about experiences and achievements
Talking about actions begun in the past and continuing into the present
Describing and comparing things
(1) Travel Stories: CBC Radio Interview
(2) Space Travel: CBC News Report

Online Have Your Say 1 Teacher's Resource Companion Site
CD with multiple tracks for each chapter: two listening selections and several pronunciation activities

Irene McKay has been teaching ESL at all levels in the Intensive English Program at George Brown College since 1970. Currently Professor and TESL Coordinator-International & Immigrant Education in the INTL School Of English As A Second Language, she has published four ESL books including two editions of OUP's Have Your Say!

Have Your Say 2 - Irene S. McKay
Have Your Say 3 - Frank Bieri and Alex MacGregor

Special Features

  • integrates speaking, listening, and pronunciation skills and practice
  • engaging design with student-friendly approach and easy-to-follow chapter structure
  • many interactive practice opportunities for pairs, small groups, and whole class
  • listening selections comprise a variety of formats - some authentic, some scripted
  • Canadian content