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December 2013

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Safe Within These Walls

De-escalating School Situations Before They Become Crises

Andra Medea

In the wake of school tragedies and the growing concern about creating safe environments for children, teachers, parents, and school personnel, this resource provides practical techniques and guidelines for de-escalating aggression with insight and finesse rather than with force. Andra Medea, an instructor in conflict management and nationally recognized expert, developed the Virtual Tranquilizer, a set of non-contact de-escalation techniques used by psychiatric staff, school administrators, and even court personnel. In this readily accessible book, she explains how to manage aggression from tantrums to mental health issues using anecdotes, research-informed techniques, and, at times, humor. Readers will find the concrete tools they need to create a positive climate in which they recognize signs of building aggression and use practical techniques to head it off: demonstrating that the best way to handle violence is to keep it from happening in the first place.

Readership : Intended for teachers, administrators, counselors, security personnel, support staff and concerned parents/care-givers.


  • "This book highlights what teachers and parents should know when dealing with mental health issues, typical tantrums and other issues in young people's development... Bottom Line: If you're looking to deal with sensitive classroom situations, such as ones involving students with behavioral and developmental issues, and ones that risk becoming heated and/or violent, this book is the perfect resource. Safe Within These Walls provides common-sense and expert techniques to encourage positive student behavior and prevent outbursts and other disruptions. This title goes beyond de-escalating violence to address the core of good classroom management."

    --Article by Jason Cunningham, EducationWorld Social Media Editor Education World® Copyright © 2013 Education World

1. Adrenaline Overload
2. Adrenaline Overload and Learning
3. Body Language
4. Escalation and De-escalation
5. Grades K-2: The Safe Foundation
6. Grades 3-6: Insights and Intervention
7. Middle School: Fighting
8. Parents
9. Mental Health: When to Get Outside Help
10. Newtown and Beyond
Postscript: Moving Forward
Aggression and Violence Prevention Resources for Teachers

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Andra Medea, M.A., grew up in a volatile neighborhood in Chicago and co-authored her first book on violence prevention at the age of 18.

Andra developed the Virtual Tranquilizer de-escalation technique, which has been adapted for the National Guard, the American Bar Association, substance abuse counselors and judges. The technique is the basis for her latest book, Safe Within These Walls: De-escalating School Situations Before They Become Crises. With Zak Mucha, LCSW, she adapted the Virtual Tranquilizer for use with potentially violent clients with psychosis.

Andra has taught at Northwestern University and the University of Chicago.

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Special Features

  • Safety in schools is a hot-button issue in Canada, with many board enacting policies to ensure the physical and emotional well-being of its students and staff. Safe Within These Walls outlines practical techniques to help teachers recognize and diffuse volatile situations. Offering simple and useful solutions, Andra Medea effectively equips educators with the tools to successfully de-escalate violence and manage aggressive behaviours.
  • The book is short and to the point, making it a practical resource for busy educators.