John G. Benjafield

A History of Psychology, Second Edition
ISBN 13: 9780195419306

About the Book

A History of Psychology, Second Edition, teaches the history of psychology by presenting the ideas of significant individuals while gradually making clear to the stuent the role of cultural context in shaping the ideas that become dominant at a particular time.

  • Explains with precision and clarity the contributions of over 100 psychological thinkers and psychologists
  • Includes a detailed look at the development of psychology in Canada and the United States
  • Close to a hundred figures throughout the texts (for example, the Golden Section, puzzle boxes, mazes, Pavlov's experimental apparatus, the visual cliff, and the Tower of Hanoi) illustrate the kinds of problems and questions that psycologists have sought to answer
  • Includes more material on the role of mathematics and the development of science in general and psychology in particular than any other text
  • Introductions are included for each chapter, and annotated suggested readings and lists of important names, works, and concepts are included at the end of each chapter

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