Douglas P. Crowne

Personality Theory
ISBN 13: 9780195422184

About the Book

This core text provides an engaging introduction to the study of personality by focusing on the major theorists and their work. The author explores the personal and professional influences on the development of each theorist's ideas, helping students understand key concepts in their historical and scientific context. Students are encouraged to think critically by assessing theorists' strengths and weaknesses while at the same time being made aware of what remains valuable and groundbreaking in their work. Both the field's essential foundations and the most exciting and important contemporary work are covered thoroughly and comprehensively.

  • Theorists are covered in the context of major paradigms, enabling students to understand connections among different thinkers and ideas. A convenient chart at the front of the book serves as a useful quick reference tool.
  • The author provides a balanced assessment of each theory, encouraging students to think critically while at the same time understanding each theorist's lasting contribution to the field.
  • The ongoing influence of major theorists is illustrated through coverage of exciting contemporary work, including discussion in Chapter 16 of new insights that genetics provides into the inheritability of personality traits.
  • The text is distinguished by exceptionally thorough coverage of psychodynamic and learning theory approaches.
  • The entire text has been classroom-tested and revised based on extensive student feedback.
  • Lively, engaging examples throughout the book make it more than a mere catalogue of theorists and theories: key ideas in the field's development come alive through the author's clear, lucid narrative.
  • Special attention is paid to incorporating a wide range of international examples and research citations, in order to show the global nature of personality research and enhance student interest.

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