History of Psychology, 3e - Quiz: Chapter 3

Instructions: For each question, click on the radio button beside your answer. When you have completed the entire quiz, click the Submit my answers button at the bottom of the page to receive your results.

Question 1:

a) reknowned
b) blank slate
c) rebirth
d) record

Question 2:

a) To be is to be perceived.
b) I am thinking, therefore I exist.
c) If a tree falls in the forest, does anybody hear?
d) The mind is a tabula rasa.

Question 3:

a) Rationalism
b) Interactionism
c) Introspection
d) Dualism

Question 4:

a) History
b) Alchemy
c) Psychology
d) Physics

Question 5:

a) Newton
b) Berkeley
c) Locke
d) Hume

Question 6:

a) Berkeley
b) Hume
c) Mill
d) Locke

Question 7:

a) Size
b) Colour
c) Number
d) Motion

Question 8:

a) Causality
b) Rationality
c) Sensibilities
d) Complex ideas

Question 9:

a) Cartesian dualism
b) Simple ideas
c) The second Copernican revolution
d) Mental chemistry

Question 10:

a) boys and girls should be educated together
b) girls should receive an education
c) girls will make good wives
d) All of the above.

Question 11:

a) Sensibility
b) Perceptibility
c) Utopian
d) Sujectivity

Question 12:

a) Berkeley
b) Mill
c) Hume
d) Copernicus

Question 13:

a) Malthus
b) Lamarck
c) Darwin
d) Kant

Question 14:

a) Lamarck
b) Wallace
c) Malthus
d) Kant

Question 15:

a) Essay on the Principle of Population as it Affects the Future Improvement of Society
b) Origin of Species
c) Principles of Geology
d) The Beagle

Question 16:

a) True
b) False

Question 17:

a) True
b) False

Question 18:

a) True
b) False

Question 19:

a) True
b) False

Question 20:

a) True
b) False

Question 21:

a) True
b) False

Question 22:

a) True
b) False

Question 23:

a) True
b) False

Question 24:

a) True
b) False

Question 25:

a) True
b) False