Cognition, Fifth Edition: Chapter 5

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Question 1:

a) Post-event misinformation leads to changes in the memory trace.
b) Memory schemas are a result of mistakenly perceived memory traces.
c) The accumulation of memories over time makes it hard to accurately recall memories.
d) Memory recall is perfect.

Question 2:

a) Flashbulb memory is susceptible to distortion.
b) Flashbulb memory is extremely vivid and accurate.
c) Flashbulb memory is dependent on memory scripts.
d) Flashbulb memory only occurs when the Now Print! theory is falsified.

Question 3:

a) Corpus callosum
b) Parietal lobe
c) Hippocampus
d) Hypothalamus

Question 4:

a) Plasticity
b) Selection
c) Interpretation
d) Integration

Question 5:

a) Reconsolidation
b) Proactive interference
c) The method of repeated reproduction
d) Schematic error

Question 6:

a) True
b) False

Question 7:

a) True
b) False

Question 8:

a) True
b) False

Question 9:

a) True
b) False

Question 10:

a) True
b) False