Oxtoby Eastern, Third Edition: Chapter 1

Instructions: For each question, click on the radio button beside your answer. When you have completed the entire quiz, click the Submit my answers button at the bottom of the page to receive your results.

Question 1:

a) seeing snakes crawl in the ground
b) seeing ghosts
c) the awesome power of storms
d) the hot sun of the Serengeti

Question 2:

a) spirits to animals
b) death to the sunrise
c) ghosts to inanimate objects
d) birth to returning souls

Question 3:

a) envy and fear
b) love and apathy
c) hate and jealously
d) awe and hate

Question 4:

a) myth
b) magic
c) ritual
d) suspicion

Question 5:

a) through prayer
b) that the spirit enters the Shaman’s body
c) meditation
d) with psychotropic drugs

Question 6:

a) the gods depicted in the stars
b) human emotions
c) cycle of the seasons
d) the southern cross

Question 7:

a) Shiva
b) Durga
c) Bast
d) Dionysus

Question 8:

a) Dyaus Pitar
b) Patanjali
c) Vaishyas
d) Purusha

Question 9:

a) Zeus Pitar
b) Apollo
c) Thor
d) Indra

Question 10:

a) Book
b) Power
c) master’s
d) god

Question 11:

a) fire
b) metal
c) wood
d) space

Question 12:

a) Hinduism
b) Theravada
c) Islam
d) Jainism

Question 13:

a) the cult
b) prayer
c) ecstatic states
d) spirit flights

Question 14:

a) look-alike gods
b) non-sweating god
c) non-sexual conception
d) being immortal

Question 15:

a) Brahman
b) Avesta
c) Kamsa
d) Krishna

Question 16:

a) 20
b) 48
c) 108
d) 10

Question 17:

a) Vedas
b) Egyptian Book of the Dead
c) Gospels
d) Tibetan Book of the Dead

Question 18:

a) incantations
b) slokas
c) prayers
d) surahs

Question 19:

a) Saturnalia
b) Vac
c) Obon
d) Catalhoyuk

Question 20:

a) Mid-twentieth century
b) Europe
c) Saudi Arabia
d) mid-nineteenth century

Question 21:

a) Mormons
b) Primal Shintoist
c) militant Saracens
d) American Protestantism

Question 22:

a) to catch immoral priests
b) because it’s an important role in human affairs
c) because they are wealthy
d) to decrease their political power

Question 23:

a) particular tradition
b) orthodoxy
c) superstitions
d) heterodoxy

Question 24:

a) this division makes Asian religion equal to Christianity
b) this division suggests the extreme differences between religions
c) all major religions are found in both the East and the West
d) Dr Jung said the Eastern religions were dangerous for Westerners

Question 25:

a) Before Christ Era
b) Belief in Christ Era
c) By the Christian Era
d) Before the Current era