Oxtoby Eastern, Third Edition: Chapter 2 - Hindu Traditions

Instructions: For each question, click on the radio button beside your answer. When you have completed the entire quiz, click the Submit my answers button at the bottom of the page to receive your results.

Question 1:

a) Sanatana dharma
b) Mantra
c) darshana
d) samaj

Question 2:

a) c. 500 BCE
b) c. 500 CE
c) 2700 BCE
d) 1017 CE

Question 3:

a) vedicans
b) rishis
c) Brahmans
d) Mimamsakas

Question 4:

a) Indra
b) Rta
c) Soma
d) Agni

Question 5:

a) speech
b) harvest
c) rain
d) truth

Question 6:

a) ‘all is one’
b) ‘you are all’
c) ‘you are that’
d) ‘all is Krishna’

Question 7:

a) Hanuman
b) Sarasvati
c) Soma
d) Vishnu

Question 8:

a) Indra
b) Shiva
c) Soma
d) Amrita

Question 9:

a) Durga
b) Lakshmi
c) Sarasvati
d) Kali

Question 10:

a) 311,040,000 million
b) 4
c) 2
d) 1,728,000

Question 11:

a) yugas and mahayugas
b) moksa and manavantaras
c) the four varnas and the jatis
d) class and colour

Question 12:

a) sensual pleasure
b) purifying karma
c) asceticism
d) meditation

Question 13:

a) historian
b) creator
c) interpreter
d) alvar

Question 14:

a) devotion
b) self flagellation
c) subjugation
d) meditation

Question 15:

a) learned from China
b) transmitted by the gods
c) created by Sushruta and Charaka
d) forgotten because of western medicine

Question 16:

a) China
b) Cambodia
c) Japan
d) Greece

Question 17:

a) a physical presence
b) ‘nectar’
c) the sub-prime
d) the beginning of sound

Question 18:

a) 10th and 11th
b) 18th and 19th
c) 15th and 16th
d) 8th and 9th

Question 19:

a) Brahmo Samaj
b) Ramakrishna movement
c) Arya Samaj
d) Reformed Hinduism

Question 20:

a) sacrifice
b) burnt offerings
c) temple worship
d) the worship of Indra

Question 21:

a) A stone
b) Nagas
c) A bull
d) A garuda

Question 22:

a) yoni
b) fire
c) naga
d) linga

Question 23:

a) Puja
b) Samhita
c) bhakti
d) Taittiriya

Question 24:

a) Holi
b) Hallowe’en
c) Mahisa
d) Deepavali

Question 25:

a) mundane significance
b) illusionary reality
c) potency
d) magical creations