Oxtoby Eastern, Third Edition: Chapter 3 - Sikh Traditions

Instructions: For each question, click on the radio button beside your answer. When you have completed the entire quiz, click the Submit my answers button at the bottom of the page to receive your results.

Question 1:

a) at the bodhi tree
b) in a single lifetime
c) only in the Punjab
d) upon death

Question 2:

a) 1526
b) 1530
c) 1483
d) 1469

Question 3:

a) direct access through experience
b) his knowledge of the scriptures
c) his dialogue with many teachers
d) his ability to write beautiful hymns

Question 4:

a) Guru Nanak’s son
b) a pretender to the throne
c) the Emperor
d) Nath yogis

Question 5:

a) towns
b) power centres
c) festivals
d) rituals

Question 6:

a) Goindval
b) Langar
c) Lahore
d) Amritsar

Question 7:

a) a pool
b) a masque
c) the Golden Temple
d) a fort

Question 8:

a) the prophet
b) the first martyr
c) second messiah
d) highest rishi

Question 9:

a) yoga
b) asceticism
c) Sufi dancing
d) arms in defense

Question 10:

a) 1630–61
b) 1590–1651
c) 1600–61
d) 1661–1720

Question 11:

a) Jahangir
b) Guru Hargobind
c) Guru Tegh Bahadur
d) Akbar

Question 12:

a) Guru Hargobind
b) Guru Gobind Sing
c) Guru Har Rai
d) Guru Harkrishan

Question 13:

a) Place of worship
b) Shared meal after worship
c) primary scripture
d) primary ritual

Question 14:

a) reborn
b) now monks
c) empowered
d) God’s avengers

Question 15:

a) rosary
b) yogi’s meditation mat
c) long sword
d) miniature sword

Question 16:

a) Nammukh
b) Vahiguru
c) Akal Purakh
d) Om guru

Question 17:

a) Ardas
b) Khalsa membership
c) Zafarnama
d) service

Question 18:

a) sinful
b) selfish
c) one
d) foolish

Question 19:

a) Sword of Sohila
b) Song of Praise
c) morning ablutions
d) just war

Question 20:

a) palki
b) granthi
c) ragis
d) vak laina

Question 21:

a) unbroken
b) simultaneous
c) speed
d) selected

Question 22:

a) sculptures
b) illuminated scriptures
c) miniatures
d) portraits of the Gurus

Question 23:

a) Imam
c) Akal Takhat
d) Sehaj-dharis

Question 24:

a) 500
b) 10,000
c) 1,000
d) 100

Question 25:

a) embrace
b) scoff at
c) distance themselves from
d) encourage