Oxtoby Eastern, Third Edition: Chapter 4 - Jain Traditions

Instructions: For each question, click on the radio button beside your answer. When you have completed the entire quiz, click the Submit my answers button at the bottom of the page to receive your results.

Question 1:

a) members of Jainism
b) A ‘ford-maker’ in Jainism
c) a sect of Jainism
d) a reformer in Jainism

Question 2:

a) jiva
b) paramo
c) jina
d) dilwara

Question 3:

a) shramana movement
b) the guru
c) samsara
d) correct intuition

Question 4:

a) Jnatrpura
b) Vardhamana
c) Parsavanath
d) Manatunga

Question 5:

a) Angabahya
b) Agamas
c) Purvas
d) aryikas

Question 6:

a) Hari
b) Jainasena
c) Millinath
d) Rsabha

Question 7:

a) Bhaktamara
b) Hara Stotra
c) Satkhandagama
d) Adinatha

Question 8:

a) Kasayaprabhrta
b) Saman Suttam
c) Acharyas
d) Anuyogas

Question 9:

a) Umasvati
b) pudgala
c) samsari
d) akash

Question 10:

a) 1st century BCE
b) 1st century CE
c) c. 5th century CE
d) c. 10th century CE

Question 11:

a) strict rules against non-Jaina
b) wealth and power
c) discrimination
d) wives and children

Question 12:

a) illusion
b) created by God
c) fate
d) real

Question 13:

a) no gambling
b) non-intoxication
c) celibacy
d) honouring thy parents

Question 14:

a) wearing a mask
b) praising the Jinas
c) burying the dead
d) never cutting your nails

Question 15:

a) chastity in marriage
b) sex only on certain days
c) no sex with your boyfriend/girlfriend
d) no sex after you are 40 years old

Question 16:

a) heroic subservience
b) heroic length in meditation
c) heroic fasting
d) heroic sati

Question 17:

a) limited fasting
b) abstaining from sex
c) 48 minutes of meditation
d) freeing wild animals

Question 18:

a) long meditations
b) fasting until death
c) living under the trees
d) philanthropy

Question 19:

a) Neminath
b) Jinasena
c) Kundakunda
d) Hemachandra

Question 20:

a) Namo Buddhaya
b) Namo Dharma
c) Namo Tirthankara
d) Namo Acharyas

Question 21:

a) wiping the slate clean
b) a naked monk parade
c) tossing coloured powder
d) abstaining from light

Question 22:

a) forgiveness
b) liberalism
c) ‘not one-sided’
d) samskaras

Question 23:

a) worshiping Jinas
b) renunciatory ethos
c) fasting until death
d) temple membership

Question 24:

a) a great scholar
b) a central prayer
c) one stage in enlightenment
d) a pilgrimage site in Bihar

Question 25:

a) a ritual fast at New Years
b) ritual flagellation
c) a colossal statue in Karnataka
d) one of the great vows