Oxtoby Eastern, Third Edition: Chapter 5 - Buddhist Traditions

Instructions: For each question, click on the radio button beside your answer. When you have completed the entire quiz, click the Submit my answers button at the bottom of the page to receive your results.

Question 1:

a) 649 BCE
b) 496 BCE
c) 339 BCE
d) 590 CE

Question 2:

a) Jataka
b) Sattva
c) Pratyeka
d) Vinaya

Question 3:

a) King Dharmachakra
b) King Rahula
c) King Shuddhodana
d) King Mahamaya

Question 4:

a) Upali
b) Shariputra
c) Shakyamuni
d) Ananda

Question 5:

a) no more learning
b) only 9 more births
c) Zen mind
d) never returner

Question 6:

a) Mon
b) Khmer
c) Siyam Nikaya
d) Thammayut Nikaya

Question 7:

a) Upaya
b) Avalokiteshvara
c) Paramitas
d) Amida

Question 8:

a) only in process of perceiving
b) only by grace of Amitabha
c) only in shunyata
d) Neither exists.

Question 9:

a) Shaolin
b) Daruma
c) Huike
d) Huineng

Question 10:

a) 1415–49
b) 1222–82
c) 1239–89
d) 1356–1413

Question 11:

a) the interplay of male and female
b) the chakras
c) the Mahavairocana Sutra
d) Ratnasambhava yoga

Question 12:

a) Vaishakha
b) Oirots
c) Dana
d) Paritta

Question 13:

a) the Theravada
b) the Vajrayana
c) Hinduism
d) the Mahasanghika

Question 14:

a) Bodhisattva vows
b) Vipassana meditation
c) worshiping Amida
d) 100,00 bowings

Question 15:

a) Obon
b) Koan
c) Bardo Thodol
d) circumambulation

Question 16:

a) Tenzin Gyatso
b) The State Oracle
c) the preta
d) the Chinese government

Question 17:

a) Todaiji
b) Bodhi Dharma Hall
c) Angor Wat
d) Ajanta

Question 18:

a) Ryoanji
b) Dizang
c) Manjusri
d) Meiji

Question 19:

a) Milo
b) Honji
c) Manjusri
d) Meiji

Question 20:

a) wrote the Indian constitution
b) restored Bodhgaya
c) took the Three Refuges
d) became a Dharma lawyer

Question 21:

a) convert to Catholicism
b) self-immolate
c) become Theravada
d) enter retreat

Question 22:

a) Chogye Buddhists
b) Christians
c) Shintos
d) chosen dynasty

Question 23:

a) Dual Shinto shrines
b) Son temples
c) abortion temples
d) Taixu centres

Question 24:

a) Daisetsu T. Suzuki
b) Alfred North Whitehead
c) Shaku Soyen
d) Nishida Kitaro

Question 25:

a) Roswell
b) Lethbridge
c) Munster
d) Halifax