Oxtoby Eastern, Third Edition: Chapter 7 - Japanese Traditions

Instructions: For each question, click on the radio button beside your answer. When you have completed the entire quiz, click the Submit my answers button at the bottom of the page to receive your results.

Question 1:

a) 600 AD
b) 479 AD
c) 538 AD
d) 579 AD

Question 2:

a) 1200 AD
b) 1052 AD
c) 835 AD
d) 1250 AD

Question 3:

a) ‘sect’ (shu)
b) ‘festival’ (obon)
c) ‘spirits’ (kyo)
d) ‘Shinto’

Question 4:

a) Shakyamuni
b) Hachiman
c) Amida
d) Vairocana

Question 5:

a) scholastic
b) short-cut
c) renunciation
d) hermit’s

Question 6:

a) seated meditation
b) meditation retreats
c) worship
d) chanting the Buddha’s name

Question 7:

a) Soto
b) Jodo
c) Rinzai
d) Jodo Shinshu

Question 8:

a) 1150–1205 AD
b) 1090–1154 AD
c) 1200–1253 AD
d) 1290–1360 AD

Question 9:

a) Kenninji
b) Mount Minobu
c) Eiheiji
d) Koya Mountain

Question 10:

a) vast tree
b) spy network
c) political strangle-hold
d) Buddhist school

Question 11:

a) honji suijaku
b) bring Confucianism to
c) write poetry about
d) appoint/demote

Question 12:

a) hygiene
b) Kami
c) matsuri
d) spirits of the dead

Question 13:

a) the Portuguese
b) the Spanish Totoro
c) Francis Xavier
d) Francis Assisi

Question 14:

a) instigate war between
b) consolidate
c) persecute
d) Christianize

Question 15:

a) neo-Confucianism
b) Nichiren
c) Zen
d) Jodo Shinshu

Question 16:

a) bushido
b) Nakayama Miki
c) Aizawa Seishisai
d) Shimabara

Question 17:

a) God’s revelation in
b) the superiority of all
c) Buddha’s compassion for
d) exporting all

Question 18:

a) death
b) sumo
c) Shinto
d) ghost

Question 19:

a) Meiji syncretic
b) Amaterasu
c) kokutai
d) kamikaze

Question 20:

a) his divinity
b) birth right
c) his throne
d) noble status

Question 21:

a) it’s place as the de facto state religion
b) Taoist influences
c) ritual
d) Buddhist syncreticism

Question 22:

a) Mitsu
b) Shinnyo-en
c) Noh
d) Junichiro

Question 23:

a) Koizumi
b) Ji
c) Pure Land Zen
d) Perfect Liberty Kyodan

Question 24:

a) peace conference
b) national vegetarian movement
c) sarin gas attack killing 12
d) Waco-like standoff

Question 25:

a) increase
b) remain a guiding paradigm
c) disappear
d) alter Shinto