Oxtoby Eastern, Third Edition: Chapter 8

Instructions: For each question, click on the radio button beside your answer. When you have completed the entire quiz, click the Submit my answers button at the bottom of the page to receive your results.

Question 1:

a) An earthquake in Sumatra
b) Iran’s Islamic Revolution
c) Vatican IV
d) Daoist militancy

Question 2:

a) Mujahidin
b) Islamic Socialist Group
c) Fatwa fighters
d) Afghan assassins

Question 3:

a) Sharia law
b) Secularism
c) Jaina political dharma
d) Hindu nationalism

Question 4:

a) Christians
b) shamen
c) Daoists
d) Tibetan Buddhists

Question 5:

a) secularists
b) liberals
c) ultraconservatives
d) syncretists

Question 6:

a) condemn
b) consider a major sin to be
c) accept
d) support

Question 7:

a) the dowry system
b) an increase in female followers
c) the lack of religious restriction
d) an increased level of higher education

Question 8:

a) life and death
b) cows and people
c) humans and animals
d) nature and society

Question 9:

a) euthanasia
b) sex addiction
c) warrior culture
d) environmental issues

Question 10:

a) Buddhist economics
b) Hindu ethics
c) Daoist minimalism
d) Confucian etiquette

Question 11:

a) polygamy
b) male cross-dressers
c) a notion of Satan
d) environmental devastation

Question 12:

a) Afghanistan
b) Bengal
c) Turfan
d) India

Question 13:

a) Bodhidharma
b) King Ashoka
c) Buddhasena
d) King Milinda

Question 14:

a) immortality
b) the Jade Emperor
c) magic and healing
d) sexual yogas

Question 15:

a) Jaina
b) Shamanic
c) Daoists
d) Buddhist

Question 16:

a) include
b) exclude
c) limit
d) enhance

Question 17:

a) downplays
b) enhances
c) emphasizes
d) exaggerates

Question 18:

a) intolerant
b) tolerant
c) persecutory
d) missionary

Question 19:

a) were eternally separate
b) accepted the Qur’an
c) worshipped the same god
d) shared devotional spirituality

Question 20:

a) Vedanta
b) Shinto
c) neo-Confucianism
d) Sikhism

Question 21:

a) Tendai
b) Zen
c) Pure Land
d) Dalai Lama’s

Question 22:

a) waiting for conversion
b) praying for salvation
c) Satan’s minions
d) anonymous Christians

Question 23:

a) conversion
b) missionary training
c) submission
d) understanding

Question 24:

a) convert
b) brainwash
c) sever ties with
d) bring along their

Question 25:

a) eminently valuable
b) under attack
c) incompatible
d) constitutionally guaranteed