A Concise Introduction to World Religions 2e: Chapter 9

Instructions: For each question, click on the radio button beside your answer. When you have completed the entire quiz, click the 'Submit my answers' button at the bottom of the page to receive your results.

Question 1:

a) breeches
b) the turban
c) uncut hair
d) a dagger

Question 2:

a) Sikhism is a hybrid of Hinduism and Islam.
b) Sikhism teaches that asceticism is the highest path to God.
c) Sanskrit is the holy language of Sikhism.
d) Sikhism has no ordained priesthood.

Question 3:

a) repetition of the name of God
b) pilgrimage to the Golden Temple
c) service to others
d) communal Langar

Question 4:

a) baptized Sikhs who have taken vows to join the Khasla.
b) non-baptized Sikhs who keep long hair.
c) non-baptized Sikhs who cut their hair.
d) Caucasian Sikhs who convert to the Khalsa.

Question 5:

a) 3HO
b) Namdharis
c) Singh Sabha Movement
d) Janam-sakhis

Question 6:

a) the doctrines of karma and samsara
b) celebration of Divali (Deepavali)
c) strict adherence to the caste system
d) loving devotion to God (bhakti)

Question 7:

a) teacher
b) disciple
c) warrior
d) mendicant

Question 8:

a) Sat Samadhi (‘the True Insight’)
b) Akal Purakh (‘the Timeless Person’)
c) Nirankar (‘One without Form’)
d) Nam (‘Divine Name’)

Question 9:

a) gopuram
b) masjid
c) vihara
d) gurdwara

Question 10:

a) Govindal Pothis.
b) Rahit Maryada.
c) Zafarnama.
d) Janam-sakhis.

Question 11:

a) 12
b) 6
c) 108
d) 10

Question 12:

a) justice
b) renunciation of the world
c) oneness of humankind
d) service

Question 13:

a) monotheism
b) polytheism
c) henotheism
d) non-dualism

Question 14:

a) Anandpur
b) Amritsar
c) Kartarpur
d) Taj Mahal

Question 15:

a) Guru Nanak
b) Guru Amar Das
c) Guru Gobind Singh
d) Guru Tegh Bahadur