World Religions: Eastern Traditions, Fourth Edition—Chapter 5

Instructions: For each question, click on the radio button beside your answer. When you have completed the entire quiz, click the “Submit my answers” button at the bottom of the page to receive your results.

Question 1:

a) Mahayana Buddhism
b) Vajrayana Buddhism
c) Theravada Buddhism
d) all of the above

Question 2:

a) a sick man
b) a monk
c) a dead body
d) a nun

Question 3:

a) a linear progression toward enlightenment
b) the prescription for the cessation of suffering
c) what the Buddha realized under the bodhi tree
d) the practical element of Four Noble Truths

Question 4:

a) Impermanence
b) Perpetuity
c) Suffering
d) No-self

Question 5:

a) Money
b) Authority
c) Control of the monasteries
d) Arhats and spiritual attainment

Question 6:

a) is a derogatory term for the Theravada tradition
b) means “greater vehicle”
c) is the third turning of the wheel of Buddhism
d) is not a term in Buddhism

Question 7:

a) completely separate from the monarchy
b) in a weakened state after the fall of the king
c) a decentralized group of monastics
d) closely tied to the royal family

Question 8:

a) vision meditation
b) chanting of mantras
c) Buddha-puja
d) zazen

Question 9:

a) southern region of India
b) Indus Valley
c) Silk Road
d) Bay of Bengal

Question 10:

a) 4
b) 3
c) 8
d) 6

Question 11:

a) samsara equating with nirvana was not possible
b) storehouse consciousness was the same as atman
c) relying on Amitabha was not acceptable
d) enlightenment would be instantaneous and sudden

Question 12:

a) bodhisattva helper of Amituofo
b) female buddha of the future
c) Chinese Madonna
d) Chinese nun

Question 13:

a) Koans
b) Other-power
c) Meditation
d) Mind-to-mind transmission

Question 14:

a) Greater Vehicle
b) thunder tradition
c) diamond tradition
d) Lesser vehicle

Question 15:

a) religious leader of China
b) religious leader of all Buddhists
c) exiled religious leader of Vietnam
d) exiled religious leader of Tibet

Question 16:

a) Jogye school
b) Pure Land school
c) Son school
d) Won school

Question 17:

a) Vulture’s Peak
b) where the relic is located in the stupa
c) Mount Meru
d) the centre of the stupa

Question 18:

a) depicted by flowers in iconographic images
b) never depicted in images until very recently
c) depicted by a wheel, originally
d) originally depicted by only a pipal tree

Question 19:

a) largely disappeared between the seventh and twentieth centuries
b) is now only found in the northwest of the country
c) has always existed alongside the Hindu, Muslim, and Sikh traditions
d) grew in numbers between the sixteenth and nineteenth centuries

Question 20:

a) all forced into labour in the rice paddies
b) one of the primary groups of people to be targeted for elimination
c) revered as they always had been as long as they turned a blind eye to the “killing fields”
d) exiled to Angkor Wat, in northwestern Cambodia