World Religions: Eastern Traditions, Fourth Edition—Chapter 7

Instructions: For each question, click on the radio button beside your answer. When you have completed the entire quiz, click the “Submit my answers” button at the bottom of the page to receive your results.

Question 1:

a) way of the gods
b) shaman tradition
c) way of the kami
d) spirit tradition

Question 2:

a) 3 years
b) 12 years
c) 33 years
d) 108 years

Question 3:

a) Guanyin
b) Kannon
c) Amida
d) Amaterasu

Question 4:

a) Resolving a dispute
b) Asking for a child
c) Success in school
d) Honouring Buddha

Question 5:

a) kofun
b) mappo
c) nara
d) tariki

Question 6:

a) a Shinto temple
b) the largest wooden building in the world
c) the only Daoist temple in Japan
d) the location of a famous lantern festival in late summer

Question 7:

a) Jizo
b) Izanagi
c) Hachiman
d) Kannon

Question 8:

a) Heart Sutra
b) Kojiki
c) Lotus Sutra
d) Nihon Shoki

Question 9:

a) so that the two traditions do not get mixed up
b) so the Shinto tradition can acknowledge the concepts but keep a distance from them
c) in order to prevent non-adepts from understanding the esoteric teachings
d) the Shinto clergy did not develop any code words for referring to Buddhist concepts

Question 10:

a) thought that people were living in an age of mappo
b) thought that people should spend more time meditating
c) founded the Tendai Buddhist tradition
d) was exiled for breaking his vows of celibacy and marrying

Question 11:

a) chanting the nembutsu
b) sudden enlightenment
c) Amida Buddha
d) Dogen

Question 12:

a) Aum Shinrikyo
b) Jodo Shinshu
c) Shinnyo-en
d) Soka Gakkai

Question 13:

a) Buddhist
b) Shinto
c) Confucian
d) Daoist

Question 14:

a) Asking a ritual specialist to conduct rituals at a shrine
b) Performing rituals at a family altar in the home
c) Attending a poetry reading
d) Attending a grand festival (matsuri)

Question 15:

a) the god of light
b) the imperial kami
c) a shogun ruler
d) a bodhisattva of compassion

Question 16:

a) samurai, farmers, artisans, and merchants
b) lord, serf, samurai, and clergy
c) samurai, merchants, serf, and clergy
d) farmers, artisans, clergy, and lord

Question 17:

a) the warrior
b) harmony
c) the farmer
d) the kami

Question 18:

a) heavenly deities
b) divine sky
c) powerful deities
d) divine wind

Question 19:

a) meditation
b) chanting
c) social services
d) textual studies

Question 20:

a) don’t care about anything religious at all
b) have individual interests but are leery of institutionalized religion
c) are flocking to new religious movements
d) are continuing the traditions that have been found in Japan for centuries