A Concise Introduction to World Religions, Third Edition: Chapter 11

Instructions: For each question, click on the radio button beside your answer. When you have completed the entire quiz, click the “Submit my answers” button at the bottom of the page to receive your results.

Question 1:

a) Amulets
b) Meditation
c) Rituals
d) Grand festivals

Question 2:

a) Shinto
b) Buddhism
c) Aum Shinrikyo
d) Soto Zen

Question 3:

a) Zen Buddhism
b) Shinto
c) Pure Land Buddhism
d) Confucianism

Question 4:

a) Es
b) Izanagi
c) Izanami
d) Kami

Question 5:

a) Amulet
b) Flower arrangement
c) Ritual drum
d) Household altar

Question 6:

a) The Kami
b) The Kojiki
c) The Lotus Sutra
d) The Gomadaki

Question 7:

a) Genshin
b) Dogen
c) Honen
d) Shinran

Question 8:

a) Trace
b) Original ground
c) Manifestation
d) True sign

Question 9:

a) Saicho
b) Kukai
c) Koya
d) Dogen

Question 10:

a) 1853
b) 1692
c) 1641
d) 1596

Question 11:

a) Shinto
b) Shu
c) Kyo
d) Shukyo

Question 12:

a) Bushido
b) Shinto
c) Nichiren
d) Soto Zen

Question 13:

a) Guan-yin
b) Kannon
c) Ojizo-sama
d) Amitabha

Question 14:

a) The dharma
b) An age of decline
c) The golden age
d) Samurai

Question 15:

a) A collection of statues
b) Veneration of ancestors
c) Seated meditation
d) Funeral rituals

Question 16:

a) Muromachi
b) Kamajura
c) Yamato
d) Meiji

Question 17:

a) Shinnyo-en
b) Aum Shinrikyo
c) Rissho Koseikai
d) Honji Suijaku

Question 18:

a) The Ise priests
b) The Zen masters
c) The government
d) The kami

Question 19:

a) Amaterasu
b) Izanami
c) Kannon
d) Guanyin

Question 20:

a) Honen
b) Tanaka
c) Tokugawa
d) Meiji