A Concise Introduction to World Religions, Third Edition: Chapter 5

Instructions: For each question, click on the radio button beside your answer. When you have completed the entire quiz, click the “Submit my answers” button at the bottom of the page to receive your results.

Question 1:

a) A verse in the Qur'an
b) A story in the Qur'an
c) A chapter in the Qur'an
d) A commentary in the Qur'an

Question 2:

a) Rumi
b) Devotional piety
c) Gender separation
d) Love poetry

Question 3:

a) Hadith
b) Opinion of the Prophet’s companions
c) Qur'an
d) Kufr

Question 4:

a) Only Jews
b) Only Christians
c) Anyone who claims scriptural traditions
d) Only Hindus

Question 5:

a) A miraculous ascent to heaven
b) An audience with God
c) A meeting of earlier prophets
d) All of the above

Question 6:

a) Pakistan
b) Iraq
c) Indonesia
d) Turkey

Question 7:

a) The return to Mecca
b) The move to Yathrib
c) The first revelation to Muhammad
d) The completion of Qur’an

Question 8:

a) Criminal
b) Neutral
c) Unlawful
d) Commendable

Question 9:

a) Consensus
b) Personal reasoning
c) Interpretation
d) Divine inspiration

Question 10:

a) The Sunni
b) The Shi
c) The Sufi
d) The Ahmadiyya

Question 11:

a) Islamic identity
b) Modesty
c) Hadith
d) Seclusion

Question 12:

a) Fountain
b) Pulpit
c) Art
d) Imageless niche

Question 13:

a) On his way to Mecca
b) On his way to Mina
c) On his way to Yathrib
d) On his way to Ka’ba

Question 14:

a) The Battle of Uhud
b) The Battle of Camel
c) The Battle of the Trench
d) The Battle of Badr

Question 15:

a) Khadijah
b) Gabriel
c) Waraqah
d) Abu Bakr

Question 16:

a) Exactly 17
b) At least 17
c) At least 13
d) Exactly 24

Question 17:

a) Toronto
b) New York
c) Edmonton
d) Maine

Question 18:

a) It was visited by Moses.
b) It is a haram.
c) It was built by Abraham.
d) It is a square building.

Question 19:

a) Almsgiving
b) Pilgrimage
c) Direction of prayer
d) Revelation

Question 20:

a) 632
b) 20 years after Muhammad's death
c) 50 years after Muhammad's death
d) 550