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Michael S. Kimmel, Amy Aronson, and Amy Kaler

The Gendered Society Reader, Canadian Edition
ISBN 13: 9780195421668

About the Book

The Gendered Society Reader introduces university students to the various discourses on gender in a wide range of disciplines, including biology, anthropology, psychoanalysis, developmental psychology, and sociology. Going beyond simply categorizing people as male or female, this reader explores the ideas, behaviours, and social relations that we create, regulate, and change.

  • Balanced examinations of genders and sexes.
  • Examines the sociology of gender within the Canadian context. The Canadian context is significantly different from the US in ways that impact gendered experience. Social values are more liberal and tolerant of difference and this is reflected in Canadians' daily lives (same-sex marriage, acceptance of 'untraditional' families). Also, the Canadian welfare state is well-developed and provides more buffers and supports for caregiving (socialized medicine, extended parental leave, etc.).
  • Canadian scholarship. This Canadian edition features twenty-one readings (of thirty-eight in total), both classic and contemporary, gender issues in Canada.
  • Interdisciplinary. This reader provides students with a sense of the various discourses on gender that have been produced by a wide range of disciplines including the biological sciences, anthropology, psychoanalysis, developmental psychology, and sociology.
  • Examines the intersections of gender, class, and race/ethnicity.

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