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Murray Knuttila

Introducing Sociology: A Critical Approach Fourth Edition
ISBN 13: 9780195426649

About the Book

Introducing Sociology, Fourth Edition argues that sociology must be understood as a distinct way of thinking about human social behaviour and our diverse social worlds. Sociology, argues Knuttila, must become a great project of self-understanding and critical analysis. In saying this, he proposes an alternative approach to sociology - adapted from the work of British sociologist Anthony Giddens and infused with the philosophy of the controversial American sociologist C. Wright Mills - that begins by examining the structure and organization of biological reproduction and material production within a society. The major changes in this fourth edition include the addition of new chapters on sex and gender and on men and masculinities.

MURRAY KNUTTILA is a Professor in the Department of Sociology and Social Studies and Dean of the Faculty of Arts, University of Regina

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