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Juanne Nancarrow Clarke

Health, Illness, and Medicine in Canada, Fifth edition
ISBN 13: 9780195428421

About the Book

In 15 chapters and approximately 500 pages, Health, Illness, and Medicine in Canada presents a well-written and student-friendly overview of the main issues surrounding the sociology of health and illness and the sociology of medicine in Canada.

  • The first section of the book opens with a discussion of the basic sociological perspectives about health, illness, and medicine. Chapter one addresses all of the major sociological approaches: structural functionalism, symbolic interactionism, feminist theory, and conflict theory.
  • The second section of the book addresses critical issues in the sociology of health and illness: disease and death in Canada; environmental and occupational health and illness; social inequity, disease, and death (including age and gender factors as well as class, race, and ethnicity factors); the experience of being ill, including an inside view of how illness is experienced and a unique case study on women and cancer.
  • The third section of the book is devoted to the sociology of medicine. Chapters here investigate the social construction of scientific and medical knowledge and medical practice; medicalization: the medical-moral mix; medical practitioners, medicare, and the state; the medical profession; a critical assessment of the medical care system in Canada; nurses and midwives in a changing health-care system; complementary and alternative medicine; and the medical-industrial complex.

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