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John Steckley and Guy Letts

Elements of Sociology: A Critical Canadian Introduction
ISBN 13: 9780195429992

About the Book

Elements of Sociology: A Critical Canadian Introductionis designed as a core text for college classes in introductory sociology. Beginning with the earliest roots of sociology, including early thinkers not usually included in the sociological canon, the book examines how sociology looks at everyday life, including standard sociological areas of concern such as the family, deviance, and culture, as well as contemporary concerns such as the sociology of medicine and globalization. Critical-thinking questions are integrated throughout the text; additional pedagogical material includes chapter objectives, further readings and websites, chapter summaries, and end-of-chapter glossary.

  • It is an indigenous college text.
  • It is a brief book designed for a one-semester college course.
  • It focuses on 'real' issues using a narrative style that will enable students to connect personal experiences with sociological enquiry.
  • It takes a critical perspective.
  • It provides a fuller treatment of Aboriginal and other diversity issues.
  • Unlike many introductory sociology texts, it extends its focus to qualitative and 'amateur' approaches to sociology.
  • It has a full range of pedagogy.

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