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Sociology: A Canadian Perspective, Second Edition - Chapter 17

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Question 1:

a) a central aspect of being human
b) a characteristic encompassing sex and gender identities and roles
c) a characteristic encompassing sexual orientation, eroticism, and pleasure
d) all of the above

Question 2:

a) sexism
b) homophobia
c) heteronormativity
d) hermaphrodite

Question 3:

a) it is said to have both a Hindu and a Buddhist variant
b) sex is considered a blessed duty to be carried out on the Sabbath
c) it enabled women to be seen and treated as sexual equals to men
d) it largely targets men

Question 4:

a) Freud
b) Hertwig
c) Leeuwenhoek
d) Ellis

Question 5:

a) deferred marriage while enjoying casual, premarital sex
b) were forced to take part in arranged marriages
c) were sold as sex slaves
d) had never had sexual intercourse

Question 6:

a) Mead
b) Irvine
c) Ellis
d) Freud

Question 7:

a) structural functionalism
b) conflict approach
c) the Chicago School
d) interactionist sociology and sexual scripts

Question 8:

a) its research on the culture of the United States
b) its comparative analysis of the United States and Canada
c) c) the sexualization of women in the media
d) its sociological studies of the city

Question 9:

a) Park
b) Benkert
c) Butler
d) Roby

Question 10:

a) Trudeau
b) Chretien
c) Martin
d) Campbell

Question 11:

a) 1988
b) 1995
c) 1998
d) 2000

Question 12:

a) 3;2
b) 10;5
c) 12;13
d) 15;20

Question 13:

a) the encouragement of gay men to reveal their sexual identities in the workplace
b) the encouragement of gay men to keep hidden their sexual identities in the workplace
c) a study conducted on the viewing rates of pornography in the workplace
d) a study conducted on the act of taking part in cybersex in the workplace

Question 14:

a) Radical Feminism
b) Liberal Feminism
c) Social Feminism
d) Cultural Feminism

Question 15:

a) Older; stranger
b) Older; family member
c) Younger; stranger
d) Younger; family member