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Statistician Profiles at University Websites

The faculty websites below have lists of faculty members and their research projects. Clicking on a professor of interest will allow you to access each individual’s profile and website, which usually goes into more detail about each professor’s research interests and current projects. This can give you an understanding of the varied and multifaceted opportunities that can come from studying statistics. These pages also often have graduate research opportunities listed, which can give you an idea of what kind of research is done in graduate-level statistics. Where possible, the link given leads to the list of faculty members specializing in statistics.

Other Schools with Statistics Departments in Canada

General Information on Careers in Statistics

  • American Statistics Association Career Centre
    While the American Statistics Association (ASA) is American, the career center has a lot of information applicable to an international (and specifically, a Canadian) audience. In particular, the section on the industries that employ statisticians (accessible from the left-hand sidebar) not only provides a list of possible industries, but each can be clicked for details on what kind of problems a statistician in this field would consider. The ASA also publishes a magazine for members, , which occasionally publishes that detail what statisticians do and how they got where they are today. There is also a PowerPoint presentation on career opportunities for statisticians that you can download.
  • Statistics Job of the Week, The International Year of Statistics (Statistics2013)
    The International Year of Statistics was a year-long event created to increase public awareness of the power and impact of statistics on all aspects of society, nurture statistics as a profession, and promote creativity and development in the field of statistics. To that end, the website includes a lot of very useful resources. In particular, the section on Statistics as a Career includes a weekly article written by different statisticians describing what they do every day. The section also includes a guide on how to become a statistician, famous statisticians in history, and videos on careers in statistics.
  • Simply Statistics Interviews
    "Simply Statistics" is a blog written by three biostatistics professors. The interviews available on this website are with up-and-coming statisticians regarding their career paths, current work, and advice for students trying to get started on a career in statistics.
  • Service Canada: Mathematics, Staticians, and Actuaries
    Service Canada, run by the Government of Canada, provides information on a variety of careers in Canada. Here, for your edification and enjoyment, are statistics on statistician careers, including the percentage of statisticians and actuaries that are women, the employment distribution by age and status (full- or part-time), and the average annual employment income. The website also describes the employment trends in this industry sector, as well as the types of jobs and industries that employ statisticians.