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GRACE: Business Ethics
BRYMAN: Business Research Methods
Meyer: Communicating for Results 4e
Salvatore: Managerial Economics
Crane: Business Ethics

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Modern Urban and Regional Economics, Second Edition

McCann: Modern Urban and Regional Economics

Philip McCann

Modern Urban and Regional Economics explains the spatial economic underpinnings of the behaviour of urban and regional economies in order to highlight the differences between the two types of economy. The explicitly spatial approach enables the author to present both urban economics and regional economics within a single integrated framework, using clear model-based explanations from first principles and extensive graphic illustration of the theories discussed.
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Investment Science, Second Edition

Luenberger: Investment Science

David G. Luenberger

Investment Science offers thorough yet highly accessible mathematical coverage of the fundamental topics of introductory investments: fixed-income securities, modern portfolio theory and capital asset pricing theory, derivatives (futures, options, and swaps), and innovations in optimal portfolio growth and valuation of multi period risky investments.

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Business Economics

Philip McCann

Business Economics offers students real insight into how economics is used in business and why it is relevant to their future careers. Renowned for its engaging style and clarity of explanation, students are carefully guided through economic concepts and models, with stimulating examples and questions to reinforce learning and test understanding. Video walkthroughs help explain more difficult economic concepts and give readers the opportunity to go back over what they have learnt.

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Principles of Finance with Excel

Simon Benninga

The second edition of Principles of Finance with Excel comprehensively integrates Excel into the teaching of finance. It covers the same topics that standard financial textbooks cover, including portfolios, capital asset pricing models, stock and bond valuation, capital structure and dividend policy, and option pricing, and thus can be used in any introductory course.

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