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Gereluk: Questioning the Classroom
Edmunds: Special Education in Canada, 2e
LYNCH: Literacy: Reading, Writing, and Children's Literature
Edmunds: Educational Foundations in Canada
Edmunds: Educational Psychology

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Making Sense in Education, Second Edition

NORTHEY: Making Sense in Education

Margot Northey, Kristen Ferguson, and Jon G. Bradley

A part of the best-selling Making Sense series, Making Sense in Education is an indispensable guide for students preparing to become teachers. This revised edition includes more education-specific examples throughout, a new appendix with online resources for educators, and an expanded glossary to help students throughout their academic and teaching careers.
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Interweaving Curriculum and Classroom Assessment

DRAKE: Interweaving Curriculum and Classroom Assessment

Susan M. Drake, Joanne L. Reid, and Wendy Kolohon

Through an innovative approach that promotes skills- and inquiry-based learning, this unique text encourages both new and experienced teachers to think of assessment and curriculum simultaneously instead of separately. This integrated method shows educators how to create highly engaging teaching strategies that will support students in reaching their full potential in the classroom.

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Language and Learning, Canadian Edition

Donawa: Reading Canada

Marie Emmitt, Matthew Zbaracki, Linda Komesaroff, John Pollock, Rebecca Luce-Kapler, and Jane Chin

With up-to-date research, Canadian examples, and an engaging narrative, this text provides a well-rounded introduction to how language theory shapes teaching in both primary and secondary classrooms, offering teacher-candidates the theoretical foundation required to develop their own teaching strategies for English Language Arts.

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Case Studies in Educational Foundations

Hasinoff: Case Studies in Educational Foundations

Shelley Hasinoff and David Mandzuk

Drawing on the experiences of educators from across Canada, this collection of case studies encourages students to use perspectives from history, philosophy, and sociology of education as conceptual lenses for analyzing each case. By learning to employ these lenses, students will gradually develop the skills they need to handle the challenges and uncertainties they will encounter in classrooms throughout their careers.
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Teaching Grammar and Punctuation in the Twenty-First Century

Terry: Teaching Grammar and Punctuation

Marion Terry

Offering highly detailed yet exceptionally accessible instruction on how to teach grammar and punctuation to students in grades 4-12, this brand new supplemental text shows teacher-candidates how to integrate grammar and punctuation instruction with reading and writing activities already prescribed by the curriculum.
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Teaching Instrumental Music in Canadian Schools

Wasiak: Teaching Instrumental Music

Edwin B. Wasiak

Covering the fundamentals of teaching instrumental music to secondary-school students, this indispensable resource examines the history and evolution of music education in Canada, along with changing currents in the philosophical and psychological approaches to curriculum design, student instruction, and classroom management.
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Reading Canada

Donawa: Reading Canada

Wendy Donawa and Leah Fowler

With plot summaries, thoughtful analyses, and contextualizing discussions of selected works, Reading Canada gives teachers and teacher-candidates the essential information they need to introduce secondary-school students of all reading levels to outstanding Canadian works of fiction.
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