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HENDERSON: Becoming an Active Reader
MORAN: The Empowered Writer 3e
BRINTON: The English Language 3e
MESSENGER: The Concise Canadian Writer's Handbook 3e
SCHOLES/STAINES: Elements of Literature

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Writing in the Technical Fields, Second Edition

EWALD: Writing in the Technical Fields 2e

Thorsten Ewald

Writing in the Technical Fields is a concise guide that introduces students to the elements of technical writing. Using clear, direct language and easy-to-follow principles, this second edition teaches students how to approach a wide range of fundamental concepts - including planning and editing documents, collaborative writing, and delivering engaging presentations - and helps them develop the skill and confidence needed to succeed as effective writers and communicators in the workplace.
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The Canadian Writer's Handbook, Second Essentials Edition

MESSENGER: The Canadian Writer's Handbook

The late William E. Messenger, Jan de Bruyn, the late Judy Brown, and Ramona Montagnes 

This compact version of Canada's most trusted guide to research, writing, and documentation offers advice that is guaranteed to help writers of all skill levels master the writing process. With streamlined discussions of composition, grammar and style, spelling and punctuation, research practices, and a fully updated documentation section, this is an essential reference for all students. (Read more)

From Instruction to Delight, Fourth Edition

Demers: From Instruction to Delight

Edited by Patricia Demers

This rich survey of children's literature from the middle ages to the mid-nineteenth century features a remarkable variety of literary forms, including fairy tales, fables, letters, and poems. Drawing on an ever-growing body of scholarship, this anthology places each selection in the context of its era and helps students develop an appreciation of early children's literature.
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The Active Reader, Third Edition

HENDERSON: The Active Reader

Eric Henderson

The Active Reader offers a practical, integrated treatment of academic reading and writing at the post-secondary level. Thirty-four thought-provoking essays that highlight a variety of disciplines and rhetorical patterns are accompanied by comprehension and analysis exercises that encourage students to apply critical thinking skills to common assignments.
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Writing for the Academic Disciplines

HAYWARD: Writing for the Academic Disciplines

Sally Hayward

Combining a rhetoric, a reader, and a handbook, this three-in-one volume explores the conventions and forms of academic writing common throughout the humanities, the social sciences, and the sciences. By progressing through the engaging lessons, readings, and exercises, students will build the skills they need to write with confidence in their chosen discipline.
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The Canadian Writer's Handbook, Sixth Edition

Messenger, The Canadian Writer's Handbook

William E. Messenger, Jan de Bruyn, Judy Brown and Ramona Montagnes

For almost 35 years, The Canadian Writer's Handbook has provided invaluable guidance on all aspects of the writing process, from the mechanics of building effective sentences and paragraphs to the intricacies of writing, formatting, and documenting full-length research papers. The sixth edition provides improved explanations for EAL learners; up-to-date coverage of Internet research; a fully revised section on research, writing, and documentation; new examples; and expanded exercises.
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