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Henderson The Empoewered Writer
Ewald: Writig in the technical fields
Concise Canadian Writer's Handbook
Geddes 70 Canadian Poets
An Anthology of Canadian Native Literature in English

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Writing with Style

Writing with Style

Heather Pyrcz

Innovative and engaging, Writing with Style helps students understand the intricacies of grammar through the deconstruction and rebuilding of a variety of high-interest literary quotations. By showing how specific elements and devices are used to create meaning, this concise text is an indispensable grammar guide for any course with a writing component.
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The Writing Moment

The Writing Moment

Daniel Scott Tysdal

This practical guide to composing original, evocative poetry explores all aspects of the writing process-including finding inspiration, organizing ideas on paper, revising first drafts, and sharing poems with others. Accessible and encouraging throughout, this invaluable resource helps beginner poets find their voice and master the tools of the trade.
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The Canadian Writer's Handbook: Essentials Edition

Messenger: Canadian Writer's Handbook Essentials

The late William E. Messenger, Jan de Bruyn, Judy Brown and Ramona Montagnes

This essentials edition of Canada's most trusted guide to research, writing, and documentation offers advice that is guaranteed to help writers of all skill levels master the writing process. Maintaining the straightforward, class-tested structure of the original version, this edition provides streamlined discussions of composition, grammar and style, spelling and punctuation, research practices, proper documentation, and more.
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Moving Beyond the Page

Moving Beyond the Page: A Reader for Writing and Thinking

Elpida Morfetas and Tanya Ceolin

Moving Beyond the Page: A Reader for Writing and Thinking is a comprehensive, broadly based collection of 40 classic and contemporary fiction and non-fiction pieces by Canadian and international writers. Innovative in its approach, this brand new text helps students develop the vocabulary, reading comprehension, analysis, and critical thinking skills necessary to become proficient paragraph and essay writers.
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The English Language

Brinton - the English Language

Laurel J. Brinton and Leslie K. Arnovick

The English Language surveys the development of the English language from its Indo-European past to the present day. It covers the entire history of the English language beginning with its prehistoric origins in Proto-Indo-European and includes thorough coverage of its four major periods: Old English, Middle English, Early Modern English, and Modern English. The second edition features a convenient quick reference guide for reference and review as well as a comprehensive timeline of the major events in the development of English.
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Short Fiction and Critical Contexts

Short Fiction and Critical Contexts

Eric Henderson and Geoff Hancock

Short Fiction and Critical Contexts: A Compact Reader is a challenging, versatile, and engaging resource for the study of short fiction. This collection features a diverse group of writers from differing ethnic, cultural, and national backgrounds and highlights female and Canadian authors. Each story is introduced by a brief biography of the author, information on his or her approach to writing fiction, and information about the story itself. The second half of the text collects a variety of documents written on the topic of the short story, many by the authors featured in the first half of the text. The combination of stories and their context makes this an invaluable reader for students studying the short story at any level.
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