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Ethier: Ear Training and Sight-Singing
Wallace/Take Note

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Take Note

WALLACE: Take Note

Robin Wallace

This innovative music appreciation text is designed to help students become active and attentive listeners through in-depth examination of a recurring repertory of core musical works. By exploring each element of music through the lens of these core works - which were carefully selected to represent a variety of styles and genres - students deepen their understanding of how music works and develop strong listening skills that will enhance their enjoyment of music.
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Drawing Essentials, Third Edition

Rockman: Drawing Essentials 3e

Deborah Rockman

Ideal for introductory through advanced studio art courses in drawing, Drawing Essentials thoroughly addresses the most significant foundational drawing techniques: basic drawing, figure drawing, and perspective drawing. With a focus on the cultivation of observational skills, increased sensitivity, critical thinking, technical refinement, and knowledge of materials, this text clearly explains the essentials of depicting form and space on a two-dimensional surface.
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Teaching Instrumental Music in Canadian Schools

WASIAK Teaching Instrumental Music in Cdn Schools

Edwin B. Wasiak

Covering the fundamentals of teaching instrumental music to secondary-school students, this indispensable resource examines the history and evolution of music education in Canada, along with changing currents in the philosophical and psychological approaches to curriculum design, student instruction, and classroom management.
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Applied Music Fundamentals

Root: Applied Music Fundamentals

Jena Root

This text introduces fundamentals of music theory not as a series of rules but as a process of sonic discovery. Each chapter builds a musical concept around a simple, familiar song, so that students begin with the sound in mind, associate the concept or label to that sound, and finally, apply that concept to new situations through listening, analysis, and composition.
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Native North American Art, Second Edition

Native North American Art, Second  Edition

Janet Berlo and Ruth Phillips

This lively introductory survey of indigenous North American arts from ancient times to the present explores both the shared themes and imagery found across the continent and the distinctive traditions of each region. Focusing on the richness of artwork created in the US and Canada, Native North American Art, Second Edition, discusses 3,000 years of architecture, wood and rock carvings, basketry, dance masks, clothing and more.
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American Popular Music, Fourth Edition

American Popular Music, Fourth Edition

Larry Starr and Christopher Waterman

Explore the rich terrain of American popular music with the most complete, colorful, and authoritative introduction of its kind. In the fourth edition of their best-selling text, American Popular Music: From Minstrelsy to MP3, Larry Starr and Christopher Waterman provide a unique combination of cultural and social history with the analytical study of musical styles. This new edition traces the development of jazz, blues, country, rock, hip-hop, and other popular genres from their multicultural roots to the digital world of the twenty-first century.
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Margaret Lazzari, Douglas Schlesier and Dona Schlesier

Drawing: A Sketch and Textbook combines essential content from a basic drawing textbook with the ample blank space of a sketchbook so that students can immediately practice what they learn. Divided into three parts - the basics, elements of drawings, and the creative process - this innovative textbook/sketchbook aims to teach students how to draw by actively engaging them in practical projects. Authors Margaret Lazzari, Dona Schlesier, and Douglas Schlesier provide reproductions of student and professional artworks that can serve as inspiration/models and give students the opportunity to create a journal of drawings, ideas, notes, and inspirations, for use now and later.
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