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BUMSTED: A History of the Canadian Peoples 5e
DUCHARME: Interperting Canada's Past
KONNERT: Medieval to Modern
GLEASON: Bringing Children and Youth into Canadian History
MORROW: Sport in Canada 4e

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Writing History, Fourth Canadian Edition

William Kelleher Story and Towser Jones

Using an accessible and straightforward style, this student-friendly handbook offers step-by-step guidance on all aspects of the writing process, including selecting a suitable topic, interpreting source materials, building persuasive arguments, and polishing the final draft.
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The Peoples of Canada: Post-Confederation, Fifth Edition

Edited by Michael Durcharme, Damien-Claude Bélanger, and J.M. Bumsted

Thought-provoking and engaging, this acclaimed post-Confederation reader introduces students to the conventions, approaches, and methodologies historians use to understand the past. Organized both chronologically and thematically, the expertly curated readings provide a balance of primary-source documents and scholarly articles that explore the nation's history from Confederation to the early twenty-first century.
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Aboriginal History, Second Edition

Kristin Burnett and Geoff Read

Aboriginal History explores a diverse range of topics, including identity, treaties, spirituality, federal policy, residential schools, labour, and women's rights. Primary documents accompany each reading to provide students with a deeper understanding and appreciation of the long and complex history of First Nations, Métis, and Inuit peoples in Canada.
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Rethinking Canada, Seventh Edition

Lara Campbell, Tamara Myers, and Adele Perry

Now in its seventh edition, Rethinking Canada presents a collection of compelling essays on the fascinating lives, struggles, and contributions of women in Canadian history. Reflecting an interdisciplinary approach, this comprehensive and engaging resource stresses the diversity of women's history and demonstrates the analytic richness of ongoing research in the field.
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Quebec Questions, Second Edition

Edited by Stephan Gervais, Christopher Kirkey, and Jarrett Rudy

Quebec Questions guides students through the process of examining these and other fundamental questions that underlie key debates and issues in Quebec. Bringing together compelling insights from leading scholars of various specialties, this intriguing collection encourages a multidisciplinary approach to thinking about Quebec from various historical, social, cultural, political, and economic perspectives.
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Concise History of Canada's First Nations, Third Edition

The late Olive Patricia Dickason and William Newbigging

This fully updated edition is a brief but comprehensive overview of the long and vibrant history of Canada's First Nations. From pre-contact and first encounters with Europeans to present struggles for self-determination, this engaging text offers a multifaceted account of Canada's founding peoples.
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