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Introduction to Philosophy

Recommended topical textbooks (See all Philosophy Books)

The Little Philosophy Book
Robert C. Solomon
ISBN-13: 9780195311143
Publication Year: 2007 | Paperback | 128 pp.
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Philosophical Dilemmas : A Pro and Con Introduction to the Major Questions 4/e
Phil Washburn
ISBN-13: 9780199920402
Publication Year: 2014 | Paperback | 624 pp.
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Thinking It Through : An Introduction to Contemporary Philosophy
Kwame Anthony Appiah
ISBN-13: 9780195134582
Publication Year: 2004 | Paperback | 432 pp.
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Think : A Compelling Introduction to Philosophy
Simon Blackburn
ISBN-13: 9780192100245
Publication Year: 1999 | Hardback | 320 pp.
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