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Oxford University Press is a department of the University of Oxford. It furthers the University's objective of excellence in research, scholarship, and education by publishing worldwide.

The Oxford Author Experience

Caroline Pukall, Dept of Psychology, Queen’s University:

Working with OUP Canada has proven to be a wonderfully positive experience for me. Not only does it have an outstanding reputation, each and every individual with whom I worked was as devoted to the textbook as I was. I was amazed at the amount of high quality support that I received at each and every stage of the process. For example, the quality of the editing and the image creation was of the highest standards; it exceeded my expectations. I have never had this experience with publishing companies before, and I will certainly consider OUP Canada for other projects in the future.

Caroline Pukall is the editor of the following Oxford University Press title:

Eric Henderson, Dept of English, University of Victoria:

I decided to publish with OUP Canada primarily due to its excellent reputation. In talking with colleagues, I heard that Oxford was open to new approaches and worked hard to market their authors' books. Nearly ten years and four textbooks later, I've had many opportunities to confirm the truth of these statements: time after time, editorial and sales teams have demonstrated their flexibility, creativity and willingness to work with me to ensure the highest quality and functionality of my textbooks.

Eric Henderson is the author of the following Oxford University Press titles:

Lorne Tepperman, Dept of Sociology, University of Toronto:

After having published with four other Canadian companies and two American companies, I now publish mainly with Oxford Canada, for several reasons. First, I always get prompt, respectful treatment, which is important to an author. Second, Oxford’s production, design, and distribution capabilities are very good, especially given its size. Third and most important, the staff is fantastic and their editorial work is scrupulous and painstaking. This scrupulousness results in a…much cleaner, more professional product. So, I feel like I’m working with the best people in the business and I won’t be embarrassed by printed books with my name on them. This is also the reason I recommend OUP to my colleagues who are planning to publish a book, and why I recruit good authors for the book series I edit for Oxford. I know my colleagues will also be pleased with the result.

Lorne Tepperman is the Series Editor for OUP’s Themes in Canadian Sociology series, which currently has 16 titles in print. Lorne is also the author of the following OUP textbooks:

John Steckley, School of Liberal Studies, Humber College:

The first comment is that I have always been treated with great respect by the people of OUP.  They have been patient and open-minded concerning the perverse turns that my writing takes.  I have published with a number of different publishers, educational and otherwise, and OUP is the best publisher I have.  I would recommend them to any aspiring author.

John Steckley is the author of the following Oxford University Press titles:

Patrizia Albanese, Dept of Criminal Justice and Criminology, Ryerson University:

I’ve enjoyed working with OUP because of the people working there. They are professional, but also fun to work with. This is very important to me. They show a level of commitment and enthusiasm that I have not seen elsewhere. They try to keep books affordable to students and don’t feel the need to add on useless bells and whistles to sell our books.

Patrizia Albanese is the author of the following Oxford University Press titles:

William Norton, Dept of Geography, University of Manitoba:

For me, Oxford are an author's publisher. Academic issues always prevail over commercial concerns. They take a real interest in authors and what they are trying to accomplish, facilitating the writing process at all times. In my experience, all Oxford staff are cooperative, supportive, and unfailingly friendly. Working with Oxford over the past twenty years or so has been both intellectually rewarding and a constant source of pleasure.

William Norton is the author of the following Oxford University Press titles:

Avi Chaudhuri, Dept of Psychology, McGill University:

My experience with Oxford University Press (Canada) has been absolutely superb. I received amazing support in terms of graphics work, permissions, indexing, layout, and copy editing. The sales and marketing team also went to great extents to really understand the book and ensure that its distinctive features were effectively communicated in the marketplace. My first choice for a publisher in any future book I write shall undoubtedly be OUP.

Avi Chaudhuri is the author of the following Oxford University Press title:

William O’Grady, Dept of Sociology & Anthropology, University of Guelph:

I choose to publish the 2nd edition of Crime in Canadian Context: debates and controversies with OUP largely as the result the experiences that I had working with Oxford while preparing the first edition of the text. Special kudos go to the developmental editorial team who worked so effectively on both editions of my book.

William O’Grady is the author of the following Oxford University Press title:

Paul Haslam, International Development & Globalization Program, University of Ottawa:

OUP Canada brought an experienced and professional team to the editing and marketing of our publication. With regard to sales, their knowledge of the Canadian market is unparalleled.  Furthermore, at all stages of the publication process, the OUP team has been responsive to our many queries, as well as to our ideas for improving domestic and international sales.

Paul Haslam is the co-editor of the following Oxford University Press title:

George MacLean, Associate Dean of Graduate Studies & Professor of Political Science, University of Manitoba:

Oxford University Press was our first choice for our text. OUP gave us great support and the resources we needed for a successful publishing project, including top-quality developers and editors, and excellent review process, and a professional network of representatives. It was a pleasure working with OUP from inception to publication!

George MacLean is co-author (with Duncan R Wood) of the following Oxford University Press title:

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