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Communication and Public Speaking

Gasher: Mass Communication in Canada
MEYER: Communicating for Results, 4e
KELLEHER: Public Relations
Adler: Interplay 4e
BRAUDY: Film Theory and Criticism 8e

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Lean, Ethical Business Communication

Binod Sundararajan and Linda Macdonald

This comprehensive yet exceptionally accessible introduction to interpersonal communication uses engaging narratives and examples from a range of disciplines to provide a well-rounded treatment of the concepts, theories, and applications of communication in everyday life.
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Successful Business Communications, Second Edition

Deborah Luchuk

Featuring a wide range of practical examples and exercises, Successful Business Communication seamlessly bridges the gap between classroom instruction and real-world application. The second edition is revised and updated to reflect current trends and changes in business communication, including new Technology boxes in every chapter, which introduce students to technologies that are changing the way businesses communicate, such as email conferencing, cloud computing, and text messaging.
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Writing in the Technical Fields, Second Edition

Ronald B. Adler, George Rodman and Alexandre Sévigny

Writing in the Technical Fields is a concise guide that introduces students to the elements of technical writing. Using clear, direct language and easy-to-follow principles, this second edition teaches students how to approach a wide range of fundamental concepts - including planning and editing documents, collaborative writing, and delivering engaging presentations - and helps them develop the skill and confidence needed to succeed as effective writers and communicators in the workplace.
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The Data Journalist

Fred Vallance-Jones and David McKie

The definitive guide to using data and technology in reporting, this text teaches students how to combine data analysis with traditional reporting to create compelling stories. Through coverage of theory, practical examples, online tutorials, and celebrated stories from around the world, this text demonstrates the tools and principles of data-driven journalism.
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Feature Writing for Journalism and Media Students

Dan Rowe

Feature Writing for Journalism and Media Students provides readers with an engaging introduction to the vibrant world of journalistic feature writing. Drawing on his own expertise as well as his one-on-one interviews with the talented journalists behind the articles, veteran writer and educator Dan Rowe provides insightful commentary that helps students see - from an insider's perspective - exactly what makes each feature story in this collection so exceptional.
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Understanding Human Communication

Ronald B. Adler, George Rodman and Alexandre Sévigny

Praised by students and instructors alike for its engaging approach and reader-friendly design, this third Canadian edition prepares students to become effective communicators in both their personal and professional lives. With a strong focus on the influence of culture and technology throughout, the text examines a range of cutting-edge topics from online social networks to group dynamics.
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