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TRENHAILE: Geomorphology
ROSS: Weather and Climate 2e
NORTON: Human Geography 9e
DEARDEN: Environmental Change and Challenge
BAIN: Urbanization in a Global Context

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Planning Canada

Ren Thomas

Planning Canada introduces students to the fascinating discipline of community and regional planning by exploring the diversity of planning research and practice in Canada. Featuring over thirty compelling case studies, this engaging resource illustrates the multidisciplinary and participatory approach that planners use in developing and implementing policies, plans, and programs. (Read more)

Economic Geography, Second Edition

Roger Hayter and Jerry Patchell

Building on the solid foundation laid in the first edition, this second edition features the most up-to-date data available as well as increased coverage of a wide variety of crucial topics--from recent shifts in emerging markets to the growth of transportation and communication networks to the economic ramifications of climate change to the increasing urbanization of economies. Reflecting the most current thinking in the field, Economic Geography opens students' eyes to the many ways in which economic, social, and political institutions affect both quality of life for individuals and outcomes for societies around the world. (Read more)

Introduction to Mineralogy, Third Edition

William D. Nesse

Introduction to Mineralogy, Third Edition, consolidates much of the material now covered in traditional mineralogy and optical mineralogy courses and focuses on describing minerals within their geologic context. Presenting the important traditional content of mineralogy - including crystallography, chemical bonding, controls on mineral structure, mineral stability, and crystal growth - it provides students with a foundation for understanding the nature and occurrence of minerals. (Read more)

Geographic Information Systems and Science

Steven A. Roberts and Colin Robertson

Adopting a critical approach and highlighting many of the common research challenges of the field, this text helps students understand how GIS enables the digital representation of Earth's forms, patterns, and processes. (Read more)

Qualitative Research Methods in Human Geography, Fourth Edition

Edited by Iain Hay

Now in its fourth edition, Qualitative Research Methods in Human Geography continues to offer a practical, in-depth guide to understanding and conducting qualitative research in human geography. Featuring contributions from leading Canadian, American, and international experts in the field, this revised and expanded new edition provides a diverse array of engaging examples that illustrate the real-world application of qualitative research techniques. (Read more)

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