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Vallance Jones: The Data Journalist
Reporting for the Media
ROWE: Feature Writing for Journalism and Media Students
Cribb: Digging Deeper 3e
SCANLAN News Writing and Reporting 2e

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Investigate Reporting

Dr. Maxine Ruvinsky

Through a series of interviews with top Canadian investigative journalists, Investigative Reporting in Canada engages students as they evaluate key investigative reporting techniques and challenges, while at the same time inspiring them to employ these techniques in their own work.(Read more)

The Magazine from Cover to Cover, Third Edition

Sammye Johnson and Patricia Prijatel

The Magazine from Cover to Cover is the #1 book in the Magazine Publishing/Industry course. With solid, up-to-date research, the book offers the most authoritative overview available of the history and publication practices of the magazine industry, including thorough discussions of editorial content, advertising, business/publishing models, production, design, and law/ethics. It stands nearly in a class by itself with no other book even coming close to its coverage or comprehensiveness.  (Read more)

Ethics for Public Communication

New Media

Clifford Christians, John Ferre and Mark Fackler

This book, intended as a core text for a basic course on Media Ethics, takes a distinctive approach to the study of ethics. Focusing on one historic episode per chapter, the book is divided into three parts that represent the three major functions of the media within democratic societies: news, persuasion, and entertainment. This sets the book apart from many ethics books, which are generally located within the journalistic paradigm. (Read more)

Air Words

John Hewitt

Praised by both students and journalists for its no-nonsense instructional approach, accessible writing style, and extensive supply of practical exercises, Air Words is a comprehensive newswriting text that is designed to help students learn the fundamental sentence structure and grammar required to write for broadcast news. It is carefully designed to guide students through a progression of news situations, from a simple lead story to a complex remote video field report. The fourth edition brings the book up to date with numerous changes that have occurred in the last decade of broadcast journalism. (Read more)

Writing and Producing Television News

Alan Schroeder

Writing and Producing Television News: From Newsroom to Air is a step-by-step guide to the nuts and bolts of writing and producing television journalism. Schroeder presents two goals: first, to familiarize students with the basic challenges and skills faced by television news professionals; and second, to put these principles into practice through realistic exercises and assignments that puts students into the role of decision-makers.  (Read more)

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