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SINNETT: Cognition 6e
LYON: The Psychology of Criminal and Violent Behaviour
Pukall Human Sexuality 2e
LAMBERT: Biological Psychology
SANDERSON: Sport Psychology

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Brain and Behaviour

David Eagleman and Jonathan Downar

Brain and Behavior addresses the central aims of cognitive neuroscience, examining the brain not only by its components but also by its functions. Emphasizing the dynamically changing nature of the brain, the text highlights the principles, discoveries, and remaining mysteries of modern cognitive neuroscience to give students a firm grounding in this fascinating subject.
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A History of Psychology, Fourth Edition

John G. Benjafield

A History of Psychology explores the fascinating story of psychology as a discipline while also discussing how thinkers and eras are linked to one another. Placing historical events within philosophical, social, and cultural contexts, this text invites students to develop a full understanding of how the field of psychology developed and is practiced today.
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Multicultural Psychology, Fourth Edition

Jeffery Mio, Lori Barker and Melanie Domenech Rodriguez

Multicultural Psychology combines quantitative and qualitative research with anecdotal material to examine multicultural issues and capture the richness of diverse cultures in relation to psychology. Using first-person narrative accounts from people of all ages and cultures, this text illustrates compelling topics such as communication, racial and cultural identity, development, racism, differences in worldviews, and immigration.
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Research Methods in Psychology

Hugh Coolican and Owen Kelly

This comprehensive overview of research methods uses a lively narrative to guide students through every stage of a research project, including planning and conducting studies, analyzing data, and reporting results. Integrating fascinating Canadian research and examples with accessible explanations, this is an engaging primer for students of behavioural studies.
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Fundamentals of Health Psychology

Edited by Thomas Hadjistavropoulos and Heather D. Hadjistavropoulos

Featuring an internationally renowned team of authors, this contributed text is a comprehensive overview of the key areas of health psychology in North America and abroad. Emphasizing the application of the latest research and ideas, this engaging introduction offers students the foundation they need to think critically about the most pressing issues in health psychology and to pursue future study in this dynamic field.
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Basic Vision, Second Edition

Robert Snowden, Peter Thompson and Tom Troscianko

Why do things look blurry underwater? Why do people drive too fast in fog? How do you high-pass filter a cup of tea? What have mixer taps to do with colour vision?

Basic Vision: An Introduction to Visual Perception demystifies the processes through which we see the world. Written by three authors with over 80 years of research and undergraduate teaching experience between them, it leads the reader step-by-step through the intricacies of visual processing, with full-colour illustrations on nearly every page. The writing style captures the excitement of recent research in neuroscience that has transformed our understanding of visual processing, but delivers it with a humour that keeps the reader enthused, rather than bemused.
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