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BRYMAN: Social Research Methods 4Ce
Satzewich: Race and Ethnicity in Canada
HAAN: An Introduction to Statistics for Canadian Social Scientists
STECKLEY: Elements of Sociology 4e
KIMMEL: The Gendered Society 2Ce

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Gender Relations in Canada


Janet Siltanen and Andrea Doucet

Gender Relations in Canada is an accessible examination of the many ways gendered structures and identities are embraced, resisted, and challenged in Canada today. Taking an intersectional approach, this text first presents the major shifts in sociological thinking about gender before moving on to consider how gender shapes our experiences throughout our lives.
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Imagining Sociology


Catherine Corrigall-Brown

The only introductory sociology text to offer integrated readings throughout, Imagining Sociology is a refreshing new introduction to the fascinating world of sociology. Original readings by the founders of the discipline and today's top sociologists encourage students to engage directly with core ideas in the discipline while an accessible narrative framework offers context for understanding these ideas. Combining contemporary examples and interesting activities throughout, this text helps students recognize how their own lives impact and are impacted by society at large.
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Social Inequality in Canada, Sixth Edition


Edward Grabb, Jeffery G. Reitz, and Monica Hwang

Bringing together twenty-five articles written by experts, Social Inequality in Canada explores the many dimensions of social disadvantage and injustice that exist in this country today. Beginning with a thorough examination of structural inequality issues before moving on to address the wide-ranging impact that social inequality can have, the text presents students with a comprehensive overview of both the persistent patterns of inequality as well as the progress that has been made.
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Critical Perspectives in Food Studies, Second Edition


Mustafa Koc, Jennifer Sumner, and Anthony Winson

Critical Perspectives in Food Studies is a compelling examination of the shifting interpretations, perspectives, challenges, governance issues, and future visions that shape the study of food and food issues in Canada and around the world. With new chapters on a diverse range of current food-related issues, this second edition continues to bring students original contributions by Canadian scholars that will inspire readers to consider the varied and complex means by which we bring food to the table.
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Canadian Criminology, Third Edition


John Winterdyk

Taking an interdisciplinary approach, the third edition of Canadian Criminology draws on a wealth of contemporary research, powerful examples and case studies, and the very latest Canadian statistics to provide a comprehensive introduction to criminology and the state of crime in Canada today.
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Sociology, Fourth Edition


Edited by Lorne Tepperman and Patrizia Albanese

Featuring chapters written by over 30 of Canada's leading sociologists, this fourth edition provides an authoritative, comprehensive, and accessible introduction to the fascinating field of sociology. Extensive Canadian and international examples tie sociological theory to real-world experiences, inspiring students to take an in-depth look at the micro and macro forces that shape the social world around them.
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