Dewey Diva Spring 2012 Picks

Adult List

Passionate Muse: Exploration of Emotion in Stories – Keith Oatley  Passionate Muse: Exploration of Emotion in Stories  by Keith Oatley

A hybrid book that alternates between sections of an original short story and chapters that illuminate the psychology of reading fiction.

Oxford University Press – 9780199767632 - $29.95 HC – – March 2012 – Psychology



Digitized   by Peter J. Bentley

Explains how and why computer were invented, how they work, and predicts the future of computers. It also explains how particular key people moved computer technology forward.

Oxford University Press – – 9780199693795 -$29.95 HC – April 2012 – Computer Science



The Victor's Crown: A History of Ancient Sport from Homer to Byzantium by David Potter

The author charts the origins of competitive athletics in Green during the eight century BC and the emergence of the Olympics as a preeminent cultural event.

Oxford University Press – – 9780199842759 -$27.95 PB – January 2012 – Sports




Shakespeare: Staging the World by Jonathan Bate & Dora Thornton

This co-publication with the British Museum is a visual tour of Shakespeare’s London using colour photos of historical artifacts.

Oxford University Press – 9780199915019 - $39.95 HC – June 2012 – Theatre



Canadian Women & the Struggle for Equality by Lorna R. Marsden

Marsden recounts the people, the debates, and the events that have characterized Canada’s path towards greater equality for women.

Oxford University Press – 9780195430493 - $27.95 HC – June 2012 – Sociology



The Titanic by John Welshman

This fascinating story of 12 survivors of the Titanic – published on the 100th anniversary of its sinking – includes men and women, adults and children, crew and passengers from first, second and third class.

Oxford University Press – 9780199595570 - $34.95 HC – March 2012 – History




Happiness and the Good Life by Mike W. Martin

Takes a philosophical look at morality, love, philanthropy, suffering, simplicity, work and what makes us happy. This book includes lots of examples from literature and film.

Oxford University Press – 9780199845217 - $35.00 HC – March 2012 – Philosophy



Inequality and Instability  by James K. Galbraith

Income equality today is great than at any other time since 1929 and the Great Depression, and this is what’s behind the recent international economic instability.

Oxford University Press – 9780199855650 - $29.95 HC – April 2012 – Economics



An Illustrated History of Quebec  by Peter Gossage & J.I. Little

From the Iroquois in 1000 BCE to the early European settlers and modern Quebec, this book recounts the history of Quebec in concise and elegant prose.

Oxford University Press – 9780199002351 - $35.00 HC – August 2012 – History



The Astaires: Fred & Adele  by Katheleen Riley

Traces the rise of Adele and Fred Astaire from humble mid-western origins and early days as child performers on vaudeville stages to their 1917 debut on Broadway.

Oxford University Press – 9780199738410 - $27.95 HC – March 2012 – Theatre




Problem Gambling in Canada  by Lorne Tepperman & Kristy Wanner

Gambling is a huge business in Canada, producing vast revenue for investors, as well as for the government. Yet for thousands of Canadians, it is a costly and consuming addiction.

Oxford University Press – 9780195445282 - $18.95 PB – April 2012




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