Dewey Diva Fall 2012 Picks

Children's List

Song HunterSong Hunter by Sally Prue

This poignant and vivid fantasy tells the story of Mica and her community as they try to cope with a coming ice age.

Oxford University Press – 9780192757111 - $12.95 HC – February 2013 – YA Fiction – Ages 11 plus



Boris Saves the ShowBoris Saves the Show  by Carrie Weston-illustrated by Tim Warnes

Boris comes to the rescue when a tractor transporting the audience to the annual school concert gets stuck in the mud.

Oxford University Press – – 9780192758262 -$21.95 HC – November 2012 – Picture Book – Ages 2 plus



Sea of Whispers by Tim BowlerSea of Whispers by Tim Bowler

When a woman is washed up on the shore where Hetty lives, many in the community are suspicious, but Hetty feels a mysterious connection to the stranger.

Oxford University Press – – 9780192728395 -$23.95 HC – February 2013 – YA Fiction – Ages 13 plus




A Small Town Near Auschwitz: Ordinary Nazis and the HolocaustSeeking Crystal by Joss Stirling

This is the latest in the paranormal romance series that follows the adventures of the Benedict family. The first two books in this series are Finding Sky, 9780192732132, and Stealing Phoenix, 9780192756589.

Oxford University Press – 9780192793515 - $12.95 HC – November 2012 – Teen Fiction