Dewey Diva Fall 2011 Picks

Children's List

Great ExplorersStealing Phoenix by Joss Stirling

Journeys of explorers both famous and not-so-famous are covered in this beautifully produced book, which is overflowing with maps, photos and colourful graphics.

9780192756589 - $12.95 PB – October 2011 – Teen fiction



Great ExplorersThe Hidden Kingdom by Ian Beck

This fantasy novel tells the story of a pampered prince, a faithful servant, and a fearless young woman who must learn to work together to survive in the bitter, snowy land where they have been banished.

9780192755636 - $11.95 PB – November 2011 – Ages 11 plus



Countdown to ExtinctionReady Steady Ghost! by Elizabeth Baguley and Marion Lindsay

Bertie has just set out on his first haunting, but he's feeling a little bit scared. He must travel through a dark and lonely forest, past a howling wolf, a hissing snake, and a roaring dragon

9780192792648 - $19.95 HC – September 2011 – Ages 2 plus


Animal Gallery

I don't want to be a pea! by Ann Bonwill, illustrated by Simon Rickerty

Hugo (the Hippo) and Bella (the Bird) are best friends, but when they are invited to a costume party they can't agree on what outfits to wear.

9780192780171 - $19.95 HC – September 2011 – Ages 2 plus