Dewey Diva Spring 2011 Picks

Children's List

America Walks into a Bar: A Spirited History of Taverns and Saloons, Speakeasies and Grog shops This Book Belongs to Aye-Aye by Richard Byrne

Aye-Aye would love to star in a picture book – it’s his absolute dream. When Miss Dear announces a class competition with the promise of a special prize, Aye-Aye wonders if it might be the fulfillment of his dreams.

Oxford University Press – 9780192756190 - $19.95 HC – July 2011 – Picture Book (ages 2 plus)



Bravo, Boris! Bravo, Boris! by Carrie Weston, illustrated by Tim Warnes

There are many mishaps when Boris the Bear’s class goes camping, but once again Boris saves the day. He carries his tired little friends, rescues a Teddy and scares away some scary wolves. Also available Oh, Boris 9780192728791

Oxford University Press – 9780192789785 -$21.95 HC – April 2011 – Picture Book (ages 2 plus)  


When Titus Took the Train When Titus Took the Train by Ann Cottringer, illustrated by Sarah McIntyre

Titus uses his vivid imagination to make a long train trip much more interesting.

Oxford University Press – 9780192729880 -$12.95 PB – May 2011 – Picture Book (ages 2 plus) 



Tom Trueheart & the Land of Myths and Legends Tom Trueheart & the Land of Myths and Legends by Ian Beck

Tom is determined to rescue his father, Jack the Giant-Killer, from the clutches of the dastardly Ormestone. To do so he will have to venture into the most dangerous territory of all Others in the series: Tom Trueheart and the Land of Dark Stories, 97801927292129, Tom Trueheart 9780192728791

Oxford University Press – 9780192755643 -$17.95 HC – October 2010 –Fiction (Ages 7 plus)  



Sky Hawk Sky Hawk by Gill Lewis

Callum MacGregor, an 11 yr. old boy living on a farm in Scotland, forms an unlikely friendship with a classmate when they discover a pair of rare nesting osprey. An instant modern classic.

Oxford University Press – 9780192756237 -$14.95 PB – June 2011 –Fiction (Ages 9 plus)




Finding SkyFinding Sky by Joss Stirling

When Sky moves from the England to the United States, she feels like an outsider. When she meets Zed, a mysterious boy at her new school, she discovers that she’s not the only one with special powers.

Oxford University Press – 9780192732132 -$14.95 PB – November 2010 –Fiction (Ages 13 plus)




Buried ThunderBuried Thunder by Tim Bowler

When Maya strays into the forest, she also walks straight into a nightmare. It’s not just the horrifying discover she makes among the trees; it’s what’s waiting for her at home.

Oxford University Press – 9780192728388 -$24.95 HC – March 2011 –Fiction (Ages 12 plus)