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New 2013 Edition - Canada's Best Selling Resource for High School Spanish!

We're excited to announce updated copyrights with updated technology. If you have the latest copyright for ¡Avancemos! you can still use your print books with the updated technology! The scope and sequence has not changed.

New for ¡Avancemos! ©2013:

  • UPDATED technology icons and updated photos in Student Editions and Teacher Editions
  • UPDATED Differentiated Assessment Program
  • UPDATED Teacher One Stop™
  • All online assets will be available through one place:
  • NEW Student One Stop™ will include entire textbook with audio and video at point of use
  • NEW Interactive Whiteboard Lessons
  • NEW eTextbooks for use on tablet devices
  • NEW Holt McDougal Apps

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Preview Student Editions:

Preview Teacher Editions:

¡Avancemos! ©2010

The ¡Avancemos! Student Editions consist of eight units with two lessons each as well as a preliminary lesson. ¡Avancemos! was developed as a result of extensive research with practicing Spanish teachers from throughout North America. Based on this research, ¡Avancemos!:

  1. integrates culture as a cornerstone for meaningful communication;
  2. provides clear goals, careful sequencing, and leveled activitiesthat make practice purposeful; and,
  3. provides multiple opportunities for language learning that lasts through frequent and regular check-points within each lesson, as well as at the end of each lesson and unit.

Language retention is further supported with the cumulative review following each unit, and the frequent recycling of previously-learned material, both within and between levels of the program.

Key Program Features

  • InfoGap Communicative Activities (Levels 1a–3)
  • A Completely Revised Level 4 Program with:
    • Comparación cultural readings that allow students to explore topics across the Spanish-speaking world
    • New grammar presentations with additional highlighting and graphics, more examples, and recycling notes
    • Improved grammar scope and sequence to better meet all the needs of Level 4 instruction
    • More practice within each section
    • More AP® Preparation! Two-page feature with AP® prep activities plus Integración activities within the Todo junto section
    • Lesson reviews with performance-based activities
    • An expanded and enhanced workbook

Preview ¡Avancemos! ©2010