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Research Links, and General Reference Section

Research Links 

Active Citizenship

  • Free the Children
    Craig and Marc Kielberger's organization to encourage young people to work on behalf of other young people around the world. Lots of ideas for active citizenship. 
  • Make a Difference
    A list of links to organizations that provide opportunities for active citizenship. Take a look to see what issues seem most important to you.


General Reference Section 

General Histories and Encyclopedia

These sites include information on topics in all units of Changing Your World. Try one of these sites if:

  • you want some basic information to get started
  • you can't find what you're looking for at the sites listed for the unit
  • Canada: A People's History
    Based on the CBC television series of the same name. The "Explore the Episodes" section provides illustrated summaries of key time periods in Canadian history. 
  • Canada E-Book
    Information, statistics, maps, and images describing Canada today. Includes information on government and economics. A good source of information for comparing Canada today to the past. If you need it, ask for help with this site. 
  • The Canadian Encyclopedia Online
    Features and keyword search on a variety of topics. Includes timelines and "great events" in Canadian history. A good place to start research. 
  • Histor!ca Minutes
    One-minute vignettes (mini-movies) depicting key events in Canadian history. Includes information on how to make your own vignettes. 
  • Indian and Northern Affairs: Kids Stop
    A variety of information and activities to do with First Nations and Inuit. Includes history and current affairs, as well as role models. 
  • Newfoundland and Labrador Heritage
    Information, images, and artifacts on every aspect of the history of Newfoundland and Labrador.

    See the "Help With Skills" section of this Web site for a map-making tool and other information about making maps.

    These sites are good sources of historical photographs and other images for most of the time periods included in Changing Your World. Try one of these sites if you want to:

    • include images in your work
    • find information on what people and places looked like in the past
    • find information on everyday life or kinds of work
    • Canadian Heritage Gallery
      Primary source images from all eras of Canadian history, categorized by topics such as First Nations; Transportation; Documents, Posters, and Signs; People; and Wars, Battles, and Rebellions. 
    • Images Canada
      A database of historical images that can be searched by keyword. Also includes some photo essays and features on specific topics. 
    • The Labrador Institute Photo Gallery
      Historical photographs of Labrador. Note that many of the photographs are not dated, so you will have to use your knowledge of history to estimate a date. 
    • Mi'kmaq Portraits Collection
      Portraits and illustrations from the Maritimes, 1500 to present. Shows groups and individuals engaged in a variety of activities. Can be searched by era or keyword. Also includes a glossary of Mi'kmaq terms and some video clips. 
    • Mi'kmaq Holdings Resource Guide
      Historical photographs and documents (including some interesting maps), and photographs of artifacts showing Mi'kmaw culture, daily life, and work. 
    • Wolastoqiyik Maliseet - Portrait of a People
      Historical photographs of New Brunswick Wolastoqiyik (Maliseet) groups and individuals engaged in a variety of activities.

    Online News Sources
    These news sites can help you keep up with what's going on in the world around you. They are also good sources of examples of how people in power use their authority (Unit 1 "Taking It Further") and economics issues in the news (Chapter 3 "Find Out"). 

    • BBC Newsround
      Student-friendly national and global news reports from a British perspective. 
    • Canadian Press Online
      National and global news reports from a Canadian perspective. To find articles, click on these three menu bar choices in this order: Web Content, CP Online, Content Categories
    • CBC News
      Current news, background information on current issues, archives back to 1930 (including some television and radio clips) and special features on people and issues from Canada's past and present (for example, a biography of Lucy Maud Montgomery, a discussion of the residential school experience, and a description of the Halifax Explosion). Includes a section for "kids" and another for "teens." You can use the search feature to find articles of relevance to many historical topics as well as current issues. 
    • NewsHour Extra – PBS
      Student-friendly national and global news reports from an American perspective.