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Unit 3

The Ecozone Jigsaw

Part 1: An Introduction to Ecozones

In The Zone

  • The Sierra Club
    Page 103: The Sierra Club
    Catch up on the latest environmental issues concerning Canadians.

  • The World Wildlife Fund
    Page 103: The World Wildlife Fund
    The WWF shows concern, and promotes activism, for the world’s most endangered animals.

Where We Live

  • Do You Know Your Ecozones?
    Page 107: Using Interactive Maps, National Ecological Framework for Canada
    Use this link to find your ecozone, ecoprovince, ecoregion, and ecodistrict.

  • Ecozones of Canada
    Page 109: Canada’s Ecozones
    Learn more about Canada’s ecozones. Click on an ecozone to find an overview.

Part 2: Canada’s Ecozones

The Boreal Shield—The Big Wild

  • On Earth
    Page 115: “Who Owns This River?”—Alex Shoumatoff
    Read Shoumatoff’s complete article here.

The Montane Cordillera—Wild West Country

  • Taking Action Against the Mountain Pine Beetle
    Page 125: British Columbia’s Mountain Pine Beetle
    See this link for an overview, news release, outlined action plan, and sources for further reading on the Mountain Pine Beetle Action Plan.

The Prairie—Big Sky Country

  • Species at Risk
    The Environment Canada website provides research on endangered species across the country.
  • The World Wildlife Fund
    Learn about global threats to endangered species and some long-term solutions on the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) website.

    Page 134: Endangered Species in Canada
    Find out more about wildlife at risk. Gather information from the above links to assess the dilemma of endangered species across Canada and the world.

The Mixedwood Plains—Big City Country

    Page 138: UNESCO
    The United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization website addresses current events from around the globe.

  • Ontario’s Niagara Escarpment
    Page 139: The Niagara Escarpment
    Check out this link to learn more about Ontario’s picturesque Niagara Escarpment.

  • Aggregate Resources
    Page 143: Niagara Escarpment Conflict
    Learn about the conflict surrounding companies digging for aggregates in the Niagara Escarpment.

Part 3: Protecting Canada’s Ecozones

Protecting Canada’s Natural Places

  • Youth Zone Adventure
    Page 151: Youth Zone
    Parks Canada’s Youth Zone uses interactive games to educate young people on environmental issues affecting Canadians.