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Unit 6

Natural Resources for the Future

Part 1: An Introduction to Natural Resources

An Economic Perspective—Money in the Bank

Part 2: Canada’s Agricultural Land Resource

Sustainable Agriculture—Feeding Canada in the Future

Part 3: Canada’s Fisheries

Where Are All the Fish?

Part 4: Mining Treasures of the Earth

Digging for Minerals

A Balancing Act—Mining’s Impact on Natural Systems

  • MiningWatch Canada
    Page 280: The Impact of Mining
    Mining Watch Canada’s website highlights hot topics regarding mining and the well-being of individuals, communities, and the environment.

Part 5: Canada’s Forest Resources

Canada: A Country of Forests

  • The State of Canada’s Forests
    Page 286: The State of Canada’s Forests
    Current reports from Natural Resources Canada will keep you up-to-date on our nation’s forestry.

Forests for the Future

Part 6: Canada’s Water Resources

Water—The Essence of Life

Protecting Our Water Resources