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Unit 8

UNIT 8: Making a Living in Canada

Part 1: Working in Canada

Taking Care of Business: Canadian Industries

  • Industry Canada
    Page 350: Industry Canada
    The Industry Canada website gives an overview of our industry’s newest developments. Search for the latest statistics or career opportunities with the Canadian government.

  • Automotive Industries Association of Canada
    Page 354: The Automotive Industry
    Automotive Industries Association of Canada (AIA) is “The Voice and the Resource for the automotive aftermarket industry in Canada.” Their website provides information on scholarships, careers, and training in the automotive industry.

  • Research & Development
    Page 358: National Research Council Canada
    This organization supports innovation and technology on their website with a description of the areas of Canadian research, the most recent publications, and general research ethics.

Part 2: Connecting Canada

Come Together: Communications Systems

Here, There, and Everywhere: Canada’s Transportation System

    Page 375: Trans-Canada Highway allows Canadians to not only access information about the history and development of the Trans-Canada Highway, but also to determine the various routes and accommodations required for a cross-country trip.

  • Iceberg Map

  • Iceberg Surveillance
    Page 377: Tracking Icebergs
    Check out the links above for information on icebergs and high-tech methods of tracking them.