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Unit 9

Canadians As Global Citizens

Part 1: Global Connections

Interconnections—From Local to Global

  • Global Citizenship Website
    Page 390: Be a Global Citizen
    Check out the Global Citizenship Website to better understand global issues from a youth perspective.

  • Canada's Existing World Heritage Sites
    Page 392: Canada’s World Heritage Sites
    This website shows, through photos and text, the fifteen World Heritage sites of which Canada is so proud. Select an area on the map of Canada to learn about individual sites.

  • Worldmap of Human Development Index
    Page 393: Human Development Index
    To investigate which countries have the highest and lowest human development, click on this link and view an explanatory map.

Part 4: Sharing the Wealth

Canada Makes a Difference

  • End Poverty Millennium Campaign
    Page 413: Millenium Campaign Website
    Visit this United Nations website dedicated to ending poverty and other injustices around the world.